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Review AG148: Mizugorou and Mokoko! Wonder Drug of Love!?


Dec 29, 2002
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From the clip it looks like a filler, however, according to the text... I keep seeing mention of Brock, Mudkip, Marshtomp, and evolution. Not saying it happens, maybe Brock's trying to get it to evolve or something... (could someone confirm what it says?) but I'm pretty sure the last sentence, unless it's a mistake, says something about MARSHTOMP being in love with Flaaffy.


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They brought up the possibility of evolution quite early on the Pokeani boards - it seems entirely possible. But unlike Blaziken or Grovyle, Marshtomp and Swampert look horrible... beh. Anyway. It took long enough.
Yeah... but the text on here didn't exist yet when it was being discussed on 'Ani, did it?
Hmm, what a subtle way of hinting things at us... or perhaps it was just an unintentional spoiler on the summary-writer's part.
Mudkip evolving? I hope so. It was about time. And have to disagree with Zhen Lin about Marshtomp and Swampert. They're much better looking than Torchic and Treeko's evolutions.
Well, if it helps, I have been known to have strange taste. Though that comment is usually about my music...
I like them, and it just hows how bad Brock is doing when you bear in mind how long ago Treecko and Torchic evolved. (The extra time with them still doesn't count.)

But, yay! Mareep, Flaaffy, and Ampharos! Its about time they got an episode!
Hmm.... Ash's Treecko and Haruka's Torchic evolved long time ago. Now its time for little Mudkip. I like Mudkip much better than evolutions but if writers want evolutions, it will evolve.

Flaaffy in the anime again^^ Yay! I remember it. I hope, I will see Mareeps too.
0_o Could they make this episode sound any more similar to the Ludicolo one? *awaits Flaaffy swinging a ribbon around*
If we do see Marshtomp, I hope it acts permanantly drunk like the Colosseum one.
It doesn't matter if Mudkip evolves. It's not like Brock is ever going to use it. Brock hardly battles anymore, it'll rot away in it's ball like Ludicolo and Foretress. There's literally no point for the writers to evolve or give Pokemon to Brock anymore, unless he actually starts using them.
Ludicolo isn't rotting, though. It's back in Pewter City. Anyway, with this episode and the Breeding House episode in a couple of weeks, it looks like they are at least trying to give Brock more to do.
Why? It will be a nice oportunity to see some character development for Brock, which is a good thing, IMHO.
Kasumi-san said:
Why? It will be a nice oportunity to see some character development for Brock, which is a good thing, IMHO.
Because Mudkip = teh one true cuteness and I wuuuuuub it.
Roses Ablaze said:
Is it just me, or do pokemon seem to lose their personalities when they evolve?

In some cases.

I think that Taillow lost ALL of its personality upon evolving. Then again, it really lost it the second after Ash captured it. It basically became another Pidgeotto, with the exception of the episode in which it evolved. There it once again showed its determination and stubborness.

Treecko didn't lose anything upon evolving into Grovyle. It was a stubborn, intense battler before evolving and still is.

Corphish and Torkoal never changed and let's pray to the Poke-Gods they never do. :D

Snorunt was another disaster. It lost everything upon becoming Glalie.

Torchic DEFINATELY lose its personality, at least when it comes to being noticeable. It used to be a timid, naive little creature and then it grew to become a strong fighter with no other interesting characteristics.

Beautifly was a definate change from Wurmple.

Skitty and Bulbasaur never evolved so, yeah.

Munchlax is still in May's lineup and thanks to all of its advertising goodness, it will never evolve and remain the PokeBlock-devouring fiend that it is.

Pineco and Forretress? Meh. I guess it had SOME quirks when it was in its first stage but once it evolved it became dull. The only use it had was drying laundary and smashing through walls with Rapid Spin.

Lotad lost everything. I think Lotad has the most interesting character ever, along with the greatest dub voice ever. Ludicolo had some interesting aspects to him, but still wasn't too exciting.

And Mudkip is in question, of course.

Come to think of it, most of them do.
Mizugorou doesn't have a personality as it is, so I don't see how evolution would hurt it.
Am I the only one who found the lack of Brock and single appearance of Mudkip in the preview peculiar?
Probably. The preview for "Judgement Day" didn't show Ash and co anywhere in it, only TR and filler people. But it wasn't a TR episode, it was just a regular one.

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