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Review AG149: Battle Arena! Fighting Showdown!!

I just realized that the first Frontier "gym" was back in July.

And it's "good" to see how they remembered Chuck (again) and Brawly but forgot Sabrina. =(
I don't think they forgot Sabrina. They just didn't want to bring her back.
Well, they had something to do in this episode, since it was a fighting type BF facility.
Scott85 said:
Well to fill an episode use more Pokemon. Why do all the battles have to be just 2 on 2 or 3 on 3?

They should have 5 on 5 matches, similar to the Juan match.
Which was two episodes. Nice job contradicting yourself. :p
Geodude said:
Which was two episodes. Nice job contradicting yourself. :p

With Battle Arena rules like he said above, it wouldn't be two episodes. ;)

And the writers didn't forget about Sabrina. Important characters like Gym leaders they of course remember, they just didn't want to write her in the show again. Filler characters I can see the writers forgetting, but Gym leaders that are not only in the games but have a ton of merchandize with the TCG and such? Get real.
Not to mention Sabrina didn't have anything to do with the Battle Arena.
Comparison screens!


A very lazy edit. All they did was toss out Mudkip and slap in Marshtomp. By that logic they could replace any of the Pokémon that are just standing there like logs. Swellow, Corphish, Combusken and Forretress better be careful. Of course May's 'wittle Squirtle and Munchlax aren't going anywhere.


Is anyone else... taken aback my how much larger Marshtomp is than Mudkip? It covers a good 50-60% of Brock @_@.


Aye, Greta remains shadowed. Perhaps they'll change her in the next episode? It only seems strange because Noland was filled in during his debut episode. Perhaps that was because the was the very episode the opening debuted. They had already spent all that time making the opening, they didn't want to go back and edit it the very next episode.
Thanks for the edit screens! That's really cool. ^_^

I'm pretty sure I'm a dork for noticing this, but did anyone notice how Kojiro could run about a bajillion miles in the Muscle Island ep, but couldn't keep up on the excercises at the beginning? Perhaps he's gotten out of shape. XD
Zhen Lin said:
Speaking of Kogomi, as expected, the special rules of the Battle Arena are not used.
A real shame.

What the writers could've done is drop the roulette and have a timed battle. Then they could have the judging like in the games.

I know stuff like that couldn't have happen, though. It'll be nice, though.
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