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Review AG153: Battle Dome! Fusion of Fire and Water!!

I was talking about Delia/Oak/Tracey/Misty mentioned on the first page. Now that I've seen the pictures, I haven't noticed them.
FabuVinny said:
I was talking about Delia/Oak/Tracey/Misty mentioned on the first page. Now that I've seen the pictures, I haven't noticed them.

Ah, sorry, no. I don't think so, anyway.
Nope, no cameos here.

What really let this episode down IMO was the fact that once again Ash's Pokemon get pummeled then end everything with their first succesful attacks. Would it kill the writers to make the battles a little more even?
The trouble is that the unrealistic/uneven way is the more dramatic/interesting way.
True and this has been the case with all his recent Battle Frontier episodes. It's a shame the writers don't put any effort in making the battles different...

Azure Syaoran said:
For a show that's supposed to be an entirely different series it sure makes alot of references to events that didn't take place in the series. :p

Dude, you are my new hero.
What are you guys talking about? Have you watched the episode?

The battle was fantastic! The only let down in the entire episode was the fact that we saw an Arcanine again instead of a Ninetails or Rapidash.

::hates Arcanine, the thing has way too many appearences::
Arcanine's cool. You have no idea what you're talking about.

This ep is easily the best in a good long while. I was beginning to lose heart with AG - what with boring episodes with terrible animation and lame battles but this made up for it doubly.

Satoshi's intro was awesome and quite funny too and the battle itself - while predictible - was done well.
Yes, I watched the episode this morning and it happened the same as with his previous Battle Frontier battles. The brain's pokémon do a lot of damage to Ash's pokémon and when they hit their rivals for the first time they win. When that happens for the third time in a row, you can see how unoriginal the writers can get.

It's not the battle or the episode itself what was bad, is how Ash wins what makes it a little hard to believe.
Doctor Oak said:
Arcanine's cool. You have no idea what you're talking about.

Not when they showcase it and it's pre-evolved form to death. It's one of those blatant overshowcased Pokemon.

Especially considering we just had a filler about May and Drew wanting to catch Arcanine after Ash's first Facility.

It's a shame when other good Pokemon are seriously neglected like Rapidash (who has been in what...2 episodes total?) and Ninetails for the same damn Arcanine over and over and over again.
Granted, the battle formula may have been the same as the last two Frontier battles, but it was still extremely well done.
Anyone know who plays the female reporter at the very beginning of the episode? She sounds like Takeo Minazuki (from Ai Yori Aoshi) to me.
Thanks. So the female reporter was played by the girl who plays Officer Jeny in japanese. How long has it been since we've seen a Officer Jenny?

*checks bulbapedia* YAY, I guessed right. The grl who played the pipi longstocking girl in The Breeding House episode is the same girl who plays Mokona on Tsubasa!

So far I'm really liking this episode. It was hilarious how Ash got mobbed at the beginning by all the reporters, and the press conference and his intro video were really cool. It's nice to see Ash getting some press coverage, you'd think that after he'd competed in 4 major leagues that he'd be a little famous ^_^. I havn't finished the episode yet because my copy of it was messed up :(.
Actaully, since he hasn't got into the finals in any of those, I expect that only people like Max would recognise him. But I'm sure he has got some fame from all of his travels.
Well, there's the whole saving the world thingy too, but I doubt people would of paid much attention to that.

What exactly was the attack combination used by Swampert to create that imitation whirlpool?
He won the orange league though, so you'd think that would at least get a mention in newspapers or something, especially since Drake was undefeated before that, and he'd probably have some fans who have watched his matches on TV. It would be interesting if they made an episode where the kids run into Ash or May fans. Maybe they could discover an "Ash club" or something ^_^.
You mean besides the 400+ characters of the day who Ash has helped out in the past?
Ash wouldn't cope with fame anyway.

We've already seen how just a little bit of responsibility goes right to his head, if he became famous on the level of a Major Tournament winner he'd become a bigger diva than J-Lo.
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