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Review AG153: Battle Dome! Fusion of Fire and Water!!

Wow, Heath really is "wonderful." It seems like he says that word ("suteki") every other second. He's quite annoying.
If he ever reaches his intended goal of becoming a pokemon master he will have to deal with fame anyway.

........WOW! I think this may be one of the best "gym" episodes of all time. I think the episode might also have the best animation, outside of the movies, that we've seen in Pokemon. This battle was definitly on par with any of Ash's big league matches. I really liked Ash's stratigies. I also liked Heath a lot, his style was really cool (like hiding the symbol on Ash's hat ^^) and I liked that he complimented Ash through the whole battle (at least I THINK he complimented him ^^. Japanese isn't my primary language) It was also cool to see TR being good for once, and their variation on the motto at the end of the episode was hilarious. It was also cool to see more Enishida. I can't wait to see this episode in english!

I think you guys are exagerating on the battle. Ash didn't knock them out with his first suscesfull attacks, earlier he had his pokemon launch attacks that collided directly with attacks from Heath's pokemon, which did damage to both pokemon, not just Ash's, and then he tricked Heath's pokemon into attacking each other, which must have knocked off more health. And the combination of hitting his pokemon from behind, taking them by surprise, and slamming them into the ground seems to have increased the damage dealt by Ash's pokemon beyond the usual amount.

I wonder why the japanese creators gave Heath an english name? and why did NOA change it if it was already in english?
Rocketshipper said:
I wonder why the japanese creators gave Heath an english name? and why did NOA change it if it was already in english?

To match what they're the Brains of. TUcker=Toughness, GreTa=Guts, LUCy=Luck, etc.
Argy said:
Preview is up at TV Tokyo. It looks like the preview style has changed; there is text used throughout and the eyecatch-things of Rayquaza-tachi have been replaced by still images from the OP.

It's Satoshi's Ohsubame (Swellow) and Heigani (Corphish) vs Heath's Windie (Arcanine) and Laglarge (Swampert). We already know who wins due to the manga that was revealed a couple weeks back.

would it be cool to see ash battle a gyrados
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