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AG163/AG164 titles


May the Aura be with you.
Jun 10, 2005
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Source: Pokeani

AG 163: Pokémon Contest! Yuzuriha Convention!!
Japanese Title: 「ポケモンコンテスト!ユズリハ大会!!」
Airdate: 02/02/06

AG 164: Sceptile! Dawn of Revival!!
Japanese Title: 「ジュカイン!復活の夜明け!!」
Airdate: 02/09/06

Another contest already?
And this seems to confirm a Grovyle evolution, as hinted by the TCG and episode before these two.
They sure are trucking through Kanto.

But, congratulations to Juptile/Jukain...

I must say that I'm not surprised to see that they may be about to evolve Grovyle into a Sceptile (although I prefer the intermediate form in this evolutionary chain). For a long time, Treeko/Grovyle has been Ash's most well-developed Houen Pokémon. It was inevitable that there would be pressure to push it to its ultimate form.

I sometimes see Treeko/Grovyle as the Houen equivalent of Charizard. Although evolving more slowly (as it wasn't a trade like Charizard), Treeko/Grovyle had a similar aggressive/rebellious personality that guaranteed that it would become a fan favorite.

I'm betting that evolution to Sceptile will be associated with it learning Dragon Claw, which may become its signature move. :idea: However, the episode subtitle "Dawn of Revival" may suggest that it is gonig to learn the regenerative move Morning Sun.
A short time before Phanpy's evolution... They are surely going fast this season. Anyway, I'm glad to see Ash getting a fully evolved starter again. I wonder if any of his Johto starters are going to reach its fully evolved form. Probably not. Meh.
Fully evolved from Johto

Kasumi-san said:
I wonder if any of his Johto starters are going to reach its fully evolved form.
Y'know, I always thought that they should have evolved Cyndaquil (at Olivine City) and Totodile (during the Whirl Cup) to give Ash a complete intermediate set...
I would have liked to see Cyndaquil evolve. The writers actually built up to a Cyndaquil evolution near the end of Johto but it went nowhere.

AG has had nothing but evolutions on the main characters teams, so it really is no surprise.

Cyndaquil and Totodile probably would evolve if Ash put them back on his team, but if they just stay and rot away at Oaks, then nothing will happen with them.

Ash has matured in AG, thus his Pokemon are maturing with him. His Pokemon evolving are also a sign that he's become a much stronger trainer.

Hmm...maybe Ash could put Cyndaquil/Totodile back on his team for just one battle, then we might see an evolution for one of those two. His Johto team really got shafted compared to his Kanto and Hoenn team.
I agree. Cyndaquil should have evolved back in the Johto league. The only one near its last evolution stage is Bayleef, but I somehow doubt it will become a Meganium anytime soon.

It would be nice to see Ash bringing Cyndaquil and Totodile for at least one of the Battle Frontier facilities. Perhaps that would be their chance to evolution.
I'm happy that Grovyle is going to evolve, but at the same time it saddens me because Sceptile is pretty darn hideous. I can't see it retaining the agile, speed-reliant fighting style that Grovlye has either. Sceptile comes off as looking like a powerhouse tank pokémon than anything else. Quite depressing. T-T
One question. Was the harley episode confirmed to be a contest or was it an assumption? If so I doubt the Harley episode is a contest and is just an episode where the gang runs into Harley and they have a battle.
Also the sceptile one better be refering to Ash's. This is either the move or its evolution episode. Move wise if dawn of revival is a hint then maybe synthesis. If not than it could be moves like Detect, Solarbeam, Dynamo punch, Dragon claw, etc. I think Sceptile should either acquire some fighting moves or Dragon moves. Kinda like how charizard adapted a dragon type as well. I would prefer fighting for sceptile though. Its more his/her style.
If May's battle with Harley IS a contest - then it's probably just more confirmation that since 2 eps later she's in another one, she loses against Harley.

As for Sceptile's Dawn of Revival.... all I get there is a big WTF...
Two instances with Grovyle and Sceptile one after the other too, strong hints for an evolution now I guess.

It would be an interesting dilemma if May lost both, struggling to regain form and winning her 5th ribbon at the final contest like last time back in Hoenn.
If Drew isn't in the contest episode I might have to dress in black and write a lot of angsty Goth poetry. I'm going through withdrawal. *twitches*
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