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Ahh! So many great memories - the Battle-e stuff.

Jun 10, 2004
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Good morning/afternoon/evening/etc, everyone.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jason Windham - who now go by the nickname of Mew Jadester on most places I go to nowadays. However for the old timers, some of you might remember me as "Lord Ardhamon", "Jaroma-ru" and "Jade" or something along those lines - years ago.

Anyways, I have a strong love for the Battle-e Cards and really wanted to complete my collection - that I have started back in 2003, which our good friend (who lives near me) purchased for me while he was in Japan at that time. Ahh good memories.

So yeah, my collection have missed a fair number of cards and perhaps, all of the promotional cards. For the sake of it, I really want to complete it and get all of the Battle-e cards that I do not have personally and wants to gather as much data as I can for myself and the Bulbapedia - which I have a recent return of interest wanting to finish something that I have started YEARS ago, the Battle-e section back in '05 and Pokemon Card GB/GB2 back in '07.

In all seriously, I have the strong love for both sections, and really want to get all of the stuff that I loved so much done and accessible for everyone to enjoy and view for many years to come.

So, I still have ALOT of the cards that I have since '04... And I think I have sold all of my FRLG duplicates to my GF, plus I still have some Emerald duplicates...Hm... Oooh, I got all of the Battle-e Series 2 for RS, all of Colosseum, almost all of FRLG and like over 2/3 of the Emerald ones complete.

Ah yes, I have personally extracted the raw data of the six Berries from Series 2 that I scanned the card personally with the e-Reader... Still have those savefiles if any of you wanna get back to and have a look with your own eyes or at least, experiment with the berries itself.

Regarding Fire Red & Leaf Green cards, our old friend - Meowth346 have dumped the ROM data that was left in the FRLG rom that contains ALL of the data, yes - ALL OF THEM...Even the "hidden" ones. I have personally matched it and can prove it is the right data and know which card is which data. I still have the very file that I saved up in Feburary 2005, before the closure of his site.

During the prime time, I have tracked down many Promo cards that I wish to own but back then, I did not have access or anything to buy the cards from Yahoo Auctions Japan... But now I do, and I am not sure how common to get those cards nowadays...

Without furter ado, here is a list of the stuff I am missing.

[ ] POKEMON BATTLE E+ RS Series 1 Blue, Purple, Green, Red, Yellow, Brown

[ ] RS - Festa No.P5 (Collector)
[ ] RS - Festa No.P6 (Cooltrainer)
[ ] RS - CoroCoro No.P7 (Ruin Maniac)
[ ] RS - Club Nintendo (8 cards) (Part 1) (Part 2)
[ ] RS - Regidolls

[ ] COLO - No.P1 BIT
[ ] COLO - No.P2 GAKU
*Note, I cannot remember whose back belongs to, It might be the other way around, seriously I havent touched the images and list in years.

[ ] FRLG - No.17 (Used to have that but I lost it)
[ ] FRLG - No.27
[ ] FRLG - No.28 (Used to have that but I lost it)
[ ] FRLG - No.TA7
[ ] FRLG - No.TA9

[ ] FRLG - CoroCoro
[ ] FRLG - Club Nintendo (5cards) (Back)

[ ] E - No.3
[ ] E - No.14
[ ] E - No.19
[ ] E - No.37
[ ] E - No.57
[ ] E - No.58
[ ] E - No.59
[ ] E - No.60
[ ] E - No.61
[ ] E - No.62
[ ] E - No.M12
[ ] E - No.M16

[ ] E - No.P1 (Camper) (Back)
[ ] E - No.P2 (Schoolkid M)

[ ] Two cards, unknown
*Note, I can't remember what did I put it down for... Hmmm.... BAH!

Ahh, that bring back SO much great memories :O
Jun 10, 2004
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Why my thread not getting any attention? And if I post in wrong forum, feel free to move it.