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All Purpose Pokémon Review Video Discussion.


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Dec 19, 2017
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Wanted to initially make a thread to talk about Suede's Pokémon Journey series, but wasn't sure about whether he has enough fans here. So yeah any review/videos on the anime, manga and such is on the table whether it's a series of videos on the franchise (Again Suede's series, Ace Trainer Liam's Pokémon WTF* or say Linkara's occasional review of the manga, patreon sponsored review of the anime or having a story where a Lovecraftian entity turned out to be Missingno :LOL:).

And to a degree even commenting on aspects of the story they give their opinion on (like with the thread on Dogasu's Backpack)

To start here's a couple of comments:

1. So while Jessie, James and Meowth often assume that Giovanni is sentimental and would congratulate them on a heist later on in Johto to Sinnoh or like in Battle of the Badge, was Giovanni really showing any sense himself in not accepting a Togepi.

As Suede puts it Togepi would surely net a hefty fee on the black market.

Heck as we see in the second movie, Lawrence III sought to capture the Legendary Birds for no reason than to display them.

2. Didn't really think about it until watching Phelous' video on the Nintendo Power Promo video, but yeah was that really Veronica Taylor as Ash's Aunt Hilary?
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