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American Politics Thread

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Here we are, everyone! Today is the day! We fought long and hard for this moment and its finally arrived! In just 12 more hours, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be sworn in as our new President and Vice President! The era of MAGA is over! Goodbye and good fucking riddance, Trump!
The last thing I heard was him bragging about his three Supreme Court justices which was historical. Funny, maybe it was a historical amount because it was wrong. One of them was stolen from President Obama.

Oh well. Trump is done now.
We can finally close the book on this country's worst 4-year stretch since the Civil War.
Oh, yay, I'm real glad to see that bit about discrimination against LGBT people! That asshole had undone some protections against it, and I was worried it would just fly under the radar!

I saw this morning that the Trump administration took last minute actions to further hurt the LGBT community in adoption and right to shelters. It's very disgusting. Very disgusting that hurting LGBT people is what Trump thought was so important for him to finish his job with.

I really hope that #16 means undoing those.
The Trump administration has done so much harm to the LGBT community and its disgusting. Its nice to know this administration is working already to restore what they lost, and I even heard something about allowing transgendered people to use the restroom they see fit. Of course, here comes all the transphobic parents bitching, using their kids merely as an excuse to avoid saying they're transphobic.
Basically real life Helen Lovejoys without the entertainment value of the actual cartoon character:-(.
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