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American Politics Thread

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This is just right out in broad daylight crookery and cheating. Is there absolutely nothing that can be done? It just lessens my faith in this country to ever work properly when this can't even be shot down.
There's the For the People Act currently in the Senate. Good thing that a lot of Democratic Senators are on board with going back to the old "talking" filibuster. Even Joe Manchin is on board with this.
Pardon the double post, but I'm infuriated.
The people and groups supporting these bills are definitely going to Hell. You'd have to be a complete monster to think any of this is OK.
Got a robocall from one of the groups pushing for this today. It's funny how they'll put up the "these confused kids are going to be experimented on with weird chemicals!" facade for a bit, and then drop it for "actually they just want to win sports so badly they'll risk hate crimes" at the drop of a hat.

View: https://twitter.com/POTUS/status/1377255646651908102

After having a "president" that was been doing everything in his power to hurt the LGBT community, its so nice to have a president that can proudly say trans rights are human rights, and has made efforts to undo the damage the previous administration has done. Its just sickening though that the government at the state level has been fighting against President Biden's support.
An all vote-by-mail state.
So, infrastructure and what else?
Definitely the kind of thing you do when you haven't done anything wrong.
I'm eager to see how this all ends.
Also, glad to see you made it through the Texas Freeze. Hope it wasn't too bad for you or your family & friends.
The DCCC released their 2022 House target list, and I am not a fan of several inclusions, particularly Michelle Steel, Victoria Spartz, Ann Wagner, Andrew Garbarino, John Katko, and Burgess Owens, as I believe that they are safe. I think that they should instead target Lauren Boebert, Rodney Davis, Peter Meijer, Fred Upton, Jim Hagedorn, Jeff Van Drew, Yvette Herrell, and Bob Good, as I believe that their seats are much more competitive.
The area I live in is Katko's district is disgustingly Republican and it doesn't seem as competitive as it people think. During the 2020 election, I saw tons of Trump flags around the area and, which have since turned to those fucking blue lives matter flags since he lost. To be fair though, the Democrats tried rolling with Dana Balter twice and she wasn't that good. Maybe a better candidate would unseat Katko. When it comes to his campaign, I did hate the ads Katko ran against her though, considering he took quotes taken completely out of context I remember. Tenney's district though certainly is competitive and I'd love to see that bitch get unseated. She didn't deserve to go back to DC. Anthony Brindisi was far better in DC.
I think that Michelle Steel is safe because of a lack of qualified Asian Democratic candidates. The leading Dem candidate for the seat is a white man and replacing an Asian woman with a white man would be horrible optics considering the recent rise in anti-Asian hate crimes.
President Biden announced today he was finally stepping up to tackle gun control. Of course, gun nuts all around the country are crying about how it infringes on their 2nd amendment rights...Yet it doesn't. Give me a fucking break :rolleyes: Conservatives will never accept any changes when it comes to gun control.
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