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American Politics Thread

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Am I imagining this or did Biden's electorates just went down to 253 from 264? I'm not panicking but I'm watching closely.

Some networks/sources called Arizona prematurely. Biden's lead there is falling, so it's too early to call.
Pennsylvania does automatic recounts for margins below 0.5%. Networks will likely declare Biden the winner once he gets above that threshold.
Chiming in on that electoral college bit, my personal favorite argument people make in favor of the EC is something along the lines of this:
Fearmongering about "These states will have their say instead of you!", as if 1) I would get my say anyways if my state votes differently from me, and 2) these states are collective hiveminds without differing votes inside.

On that note, Twitter has also said that when he leaves office, his account loses all of the special protections it's been able to rely on.
I wonder if that actually means anything- he tweeted garbage like this before he was even running, and Twitter didn't do anything about it.

View: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/537245792378294272

View: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/573616949957124096

View: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/247757867032117248

But then, there's much more of a spotlight on his tweets now, so maybe they'll actually do something about it. And as miniscule as it is compared to everything else, I do really want to see Trump reduced to "seventy year old man with his account suspended on twitter because he cyberbullied a teenager".

Ohhh, I was wondering what this video was playing on.

View: https://twitter.com/NoWay7790/status/1324753568851742720
The wait for this race to be called has gotten extremely annoying. We're so close to a Biden victory, but these ballots feel like they're being counted at a snail pace right now.
Big vote drop coming from Maricopa County, Arizona at 9:00 PM ET. If it’s good for Biden, the other networks may call it for him, and possibly Nevada soon after. That would get Biden to 270.
The wait for this race to be called has gotten extremely annoying. We're so close to a Biden victory, but these ballots feel like they're being counted at a snail pace right now.
It is, though to be fair, the volunteers are also doing this during a pandemic exasperated by butthurt Trumpers protesting at their door. I've heard that one of the polling offices, in Georgia I believe, is also combating a Covid outbreak.

I'm not free from getting impatient with this either though. It's just easy to forget the situation at play here when the election has grown so tight.
I don't blame anyone for how long this is taking, I know those workers have to be even more stressed than we are. But it is extremely stressful with how slow it's going. Mainly because of how stressful this election was to begin with and how close these numbers are. It's just a nightmare being dragged out from what would usually be one night to 3+ days and I was reaaally kinda hoping it would end today... so we can move on to the next nightmare of actually getting to where Trump is thrown out. I've kinda lost hope on that for today though.
Honestly at this point, despite being the bigger state PA is probably going to finish first since I think they're closer to being done than Nevada.

Can this just be done already?
CNN and MSNBC (and probably others) have both just projected Biden as the winner of Pennsylvania and the presidency!
What a joy to wake up to, literally woke up just as it got called. I'm sure Trump will fight it (already saw the "I won!" tweet), but at this point outside of his cult he's just disgracing himself.

I still hope Biden proceeds to win all the other states that are still up in the air right now just to break Trump's ego even further.
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