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American Politics Thread

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It happened...Biden won.........right?
Just a reminder since I just remembered, we're about to go into further hell as Trump's Terrorist Supporters are going to fight back to take the win by force as bad as possible.

Still a good win, only about three more months of the orange skinned white supremist. Hopefully we get through it safely.

Also, Senate update; Democrats and Republicans are tied at 48 according to MSNBC.
Honestly at this point, despite being the bigger state PA is probably going to finish first since I think they're closer to being done than Nevada.

Can this just be done already?
Fox News decided to call both at the same time.

Yay, Biden won. Okay.

Just... I hope that, even if gradually.

Trump and all the varyingly bigoted hooligans who parrot his beliefs will vanish from social media and news outlets.

I just.

I never liked politics, okay.

The less I could find cult-esque nationalist/patriotic/supremacist fervor, the better.
AP just called Nevada, though I haven't seen CNN call it yet or anyone else.

Just burying Trump into the ground further but still satisfying.
Ohh, haven't even been paying attention to Fox, just saw when someone said it was called and looked at AP and CNN.
Yeah, really I'll be super happy when Trump disappears from the news and we don't have to hear him talk anymore.

Unfortunately, he's definitely going to run again for president in 2024. This is how narcissists behave. He won't stop kicking and screaming until he finally chokes on his McDonald's burger.

On the other hand, I look forward to see him blame the GOP for his loss which will make the Trump cultists ignore the two senate runoffs in Georgia and the midterms in 2022, giving Dems a better chance at them.
Biden's the first Presidential candidate to win without Florida since Bill Clinton in 1992, and the first to win without Ohio since Kennedy in 1960.

Edit: An earlier version of this post incorrectly stated that Truman did not win Ohio in 1948.
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I'm just so overwhelmed with emotion. I'm overjoyed! We fought long and hard against this cruel and twisted administration and we finally won!! Congrats to President Elect Biden and Vice President Elect Harris!!
Congratulations to my American neighbors! I am so happy for you and relieved that the suspense is finally over. Finally something good in 2020.

And please be very careful and safe out there, especially those who are BIPOC and LGTBQ+. If the Trumpers protesting at the election offices were of any indication, then we're in for a violent long haul yet... I'm praying for you guys.
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