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American Politics Thread

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Tbf this is like the third time he's "conceded" without conceding lol.

Yep. Sooner or later someone will point out his latest slip, and he'll send another tweet where he'll repeat that he's not conceding anything.
Me, one of the residents of said states:

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEKF3NB8P4g

I'm so sick of the news framing this as "Texas brings the challenge and seventeen whole states joined them!", as if the entire collective population is in on it. No, seventeen fuckos decided to join together for a very stupid case. There's plenty of Trump bootlickers in these states, sure, but it's not like everyone agreed on this. (It's possible they didn't even agree to the attorney general, I think some of them are governor-appointed, though most of them are elected)
So....there have been screenshots floating around social media websites of places like Parler and the Trump reddit-lookalike-website where people are calling for serious violence now. I've seen comments ranging from talking about assassinating the Supreme Court Justice's, to getting their ammo boxes out and teaching the Democrats "a lesson", to people just wanting a full-on civil war.

I'm not trying to fear monger, but if you aren't legally protecting yourself in your State then idk what to tell you. You don't need to do anything but keep doing what you're doing, don't act like some vigilante...but damn at least arm or secure your homes people, don't take chances when there are legit crazy people in every state that are all-in on this crazy ideology. Also Trump still tweeting nonsense and fueling those crazy people is what is making me so worried...a responsible person would back off and try to make peace with their political rival, but not this petty fucking idiot.
@Aulos and @TechSkylander1518 are right. Allowing secession is a complete non-starter (and it’s illegal anyway). Even if I didn’t live in a deep red state, I’d still feel the same way. Sharing your country with people you disagree with and even dislike is all part of living in a democracy.

Besides, those 18 states in question wouldn’t be able to survive on their own economically, even if they banded together. That would be a humanitarian crisis waiting to happen right at the US doorstep.
Sounds good to those who don't live in these deplorable states.

I do, and I'd be stuck here.
It was a tongue in cheek comment tbh. I'm from North Dakota originally and our state government threatens to secede every time the white house is blue--there was a petition for it back when Obama was re-elected.
I think all that’s left now is a lawsuit over votes in Milwaukee and Dane Counties. The Wisconsin Supreme Court should rule on that within the next 12 hours.
Once it its pointed out college sports would suffer, I would expect a big NO
The non-Texas Big 12 schools might actually be glad to see them go.
I think all that’s left now is a lawsuit over votes in Milwaukee and Dane Counties. The Wisconsin Supreme Court should rule on that within the next 12 hours.
Which will probably be rejected like the rest of these absurd and traitorous lawsuits.

Pretty sure the electoral college finalizes Joe Biden'd victory tomorrow also.
I found r/ParlerWatch if you guys are interested in seeing the screenshots people have been collecting of the crazy people. No doubt with the EC certifying the election today, shit is going to hit the fan.
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