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Anime battles you'd love to see...

Mewtwo Disciple
Sep 7, 2004
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Just to expand on the whole Aqua,Magma,Rocket conflict,I'd like see Archie,Maxie,and Giovanni battle.

Gio would have Nidoking,Kingler,and (of course) Persian.I'd like Archie to use Crawdaunt,Walrein,and Gyarados.And Maxie would have Houndoom,Rhydon,and Camerupt.

I don't get why Magma uses so much Mightyena.Whatever happened to all those Houndoom they used in AG Ep.2?

And I'd like to see Zanna and Rion battle with Bashou and Buson.I just want to see the Gold and Silver haired duos fight each other.
Badass office lady
Jan 4, 2005
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Can we post human vs human battles here?
If so..

Domino vs. Janine.

One's a ninja, the other is very ninja-like. Choreography, anyone?