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Nov 2, 2016
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Children of the Sea is now available on home media and digital (including Netflix too), the full cast includes:

  • Ruka Azumi - Anjali Gauld
  • Umi - Lynden Prosser
  • Sora - Benjamin Niewood
  • Angalde - Beau Bridgland
  • Masaaki Azumi - Marc Thompson
  • Kanao Azumi - Karen Strassman
  • Dehdeh - Denise Lee
  • Jim Cusack - Michael Sorich (the YouTube video credits Wally Wingert so it might have been an error, I don't know)
  • Jean - Josh Petersdorf
  • Fuyuko - Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Aki - Zoe Martin (Meredith Zeitlin)
  • Natsumi - Courtney Shaw
  • Military Officer - Doug Erholtz
  • Investor - Kirk Thornton
  • Doctor - Wally Wingert
  • Students - Christine Marie Cabanos, Carrie Keranen, Zoe Martin (Meredith Zeitlin), Courtney Shaw, Rachel Slotky, Karen Strassman

and the Additional Voices:
  • Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Chelsey Cohen
  • Doug Erholtz
  • Carrie Keranen
  • Zoe Martin (Meredith Zeitlin)
  • Josh Petersdorf
  • Courtney Shaw
  • Rachel Slotky
  • Michael Sorich
  • Marc Thompson
  • Kirk Thornton
  • Wally Wingert

Carrie Keranen and Kevin T. Collins are the main voice directors with Sinterniklaas, Sheh and Cohen acting as additional directors, Carrie also did the script adaptation. Caitlin Glass also gets a special thanks mention interestingly.
Children of the Sea Dub Credits
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Nov 2, 2016
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Memories has had it’s dubbing studio revealed today during Discotek Media’s stream. As a clever nod to how the film was done at two different animation studios (Madhouse and Studio 4•c) the dub is recorded at two different studios.

NYAV Post is doing 1 segment and Sound Cadence Studios (based in Texas) is doing the other two.