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Anime & Manga General Discussion

Ohh my gosh lol. I know setups weren't the best back then but it's amusing to see how it actually looked. Room is a little startling almost.. @_@
To me beyblade reigns the superior anime
I've never watched much of Beyblade so I can't comment on that, but this thread is to discuss the Pokémon anime specifically so it's probably best to keep the chat to that anyway so it's relevant :fingergunz:
aw damn my bad. I read the title so I figured everything anime and manga was welcomed
I vaguely remembered Sabrina making her Kadabra's battle damage go away but it wasn't until I saw a review of the anime episode that I realized she was commanding it to Recover, which is a game move and not some magic psychic junk like I originally assumed. Still, there is a reason that move is not used often in the anime.
Is it my imagination or is Goldfarb scoring every franchise commercial now? These two truly sound like the stuff he does for the main series.

First thoughts:
• High Definition!! (Both audio and video, which is important to me.)
• Why kill off Ash? Like that was the reason I enjoyed the anime to begin with, I'll bet we'll run into him later on.
• Nail-biting at times, the suspense was incredible.
• The technology in the anime was quite impressive and the references to chemistry and biology were accurate.

Overall, I'm definitely binge watching the series over again a few times I fucking absolutely love it, it was one of the best I've watched over the years. The battles with the master's eight were very well thought out and planned but were disappointing because they could have lasted longer then 4-7 minutes. Again, Ash came through, I knew he could do it and I'm aesthetic that Pikachu defeated Leon's Charazard!

Ash's Greninja teaching Lucario was pretty good too, I love things like that in the Anime. But before that when Riolu was still an egg and they were discussing where eggs come from, I'm like duh, but I guess they got to make a G rating lol. Honestly it's incredible and it's taken me a while to actually watch every episode.

Now, it was touching to see the Nickit help out and turn good, I smiled so hard it hurt when they leaped into Cinerace's arms. I love seeing love towards others.

I'll cap it with Mew sitting in the palm of Goh's hand. Damn isn't he lucky?
With the BBC getting Diamond and Pearl, Black and White and Sun & Moon earlier, it seems they now have the XY series as well. It should be arriving on the iPlayer in November.


The scene where Ash was falling asleep to thinking about Garys question was kinda sad!
If there is one concept from the anime that I would like to see canon everywhere else, it's the idea that Pokeballs can shrink and expand depending on how they are used. Throwing, baseball size. Carrying, ping-pong ball size. I don't like the idea of clipping 6 baseballs to my belt. :p
Yamamoto recently explained that part of the reason Violet's hair is customized is because he thought Florian's default hair looked too similar to Ortega's. He says his family helped him choose a hairstyle that looked "prince-like". Personally I don't think the hairs look similar, but I wanted to see more customization for the adventures characters, so I'm pleased. :bulbaLove: Part of me hopes Scarlet will use one of the different customization features too.


Cast -

Aliquis - Paul Castro Jr.
Aliquis's Brother - Robb Moreira
Hohma/Student #A - Caroline Spinola
Iono - Julia Gu
Nemona - Olivia Vidas
Ohara - Cat Protano
Student #B - Elinor Vanderburg
Nurse Joy is an anime-specific name, tbf. She is just the Pokemon Center Lady in the games.
Did they actually refer to nurse joy by name in the like two times we've seen them in this series? Genuine question.
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