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Anime Pokemon's Official Twitter has posted a new art of Koharu and Yamper to celebrate Valentine Day

Jan 2, 2003
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Valentine's Day in Japan works differently than it does in the West; over here the women typically are the ones to give chocolates (typically homemade) to their male friends / classmates / co-workers / significant others. Men return the favor on a Japan-only holiday one month later on March 14th.

Koharu's the only heroine on the show right now so showing her making chocolates for her friends makes sense in the context of Japanese Valentine's Day.
Not Dead
Mar 14, 2005
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I don't remember this kind of thing being done in previous years. Maybe some schlock with Serena and Ash.
Jul 12, 2011
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I don't remember this kind of thing being done in previous years. Maybe some schlock with Serena and Ash.
The poll was the 2019 one.
In 2018, they did this:

View: https://twitter.com/Pokemon/status/963865862267531264?s=20

Last year a poll ran on Twitter with the question of "with whom would you go on a date" depicting a male and a female character from each generation. I personally voted for Sycamore and Erika. Surprisingly, both winners were from Unova region, and they received a special art drawing.

Gen 5 still going strong :)