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anime-style battling (2)


Jan 12, 2017
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my johto gym battles

falkner first.... one person for each gym leader please...

falkner's noctowl's moves: Air Slash, Tackle, FeatherDance, Peck

falkner's dodrio's moves: Agility, Mud-Slap, Drill Peck, and Tri Attack

falkner's pidgeot's moves: Whirlwind, Agility, Wing Attack, and Quick Attack

my pikachu's moves: quick attack, swift, thunder shock, agility

my pidgey's moves: wing attack, gust, quick attack, Sand Attack

if anyone wants to roleplay as falkner , i'd be glad to battle with you :3 you can figure out who he'd act.... if he'll act like he does in the anime, that's fine :3