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Another big change in our forum leadership


Jul 4, 2012
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Hey all!

I'm really delighted to announce that we have a new look for our forum leadership. I took over the forums after SoaringDylan on a temporary basis with the goal of find the best leadership for the forum, and I believe I've done that. I had an interview with every forum admin and super moderator, and can now formally announce Magnificent Entertainer as our new Head Administrator and Neo Blaze as our new Deputy Head Administrator.

I'm really proud of these two for stepping up to forum leadership, and I'm certain that the forums are going to be in a much better place moving forward.
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Jan 22, 2014
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Yes, congratulations to Magnificent Entertainer & Neo Blaze! I am positive you two will do amazing in your new rules & the forums are all the better for it! :bulbagarden: