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RP Everyone Anywhere and Else *Me (Thestarjar) and That Guy*

lost in the sauce
Jan 9, 2012
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"I will! Just--" Spindle struggled to find words that would help in a place where words probably couldn't help. "Just win! Meet us outside!"

He started to actually move towards the back, now actually pushing Hother forwards. Theida didn't need the encouragement, of course, and she was closer to the door than either of them. "Y-You heard him!"

Larch shoved at Bristlecone again, and this time rather than putting effort into another potshot, he used all of it to get into a better position. One where he actually had enough vantage to get in a good strike; a forward jab with the poisoned staff.
thea ante hominēs
Sep 22, 2010
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Hother immediately regretted not lingering for just a moment longer, just to put those internal doubts to rest; but, alas, he had committed to fleeing before being able to see how Bristlecone could retaliate.
He would, though, Hother told himself; the gator wouldn't succumb that easily. Justice had to prevail; that was a given. Thinking about it further was just worrying over nothing...

These thoughts kept him occupied as he put some distance between himself and the hut, pursuing that ephemeral concept known as "safety".