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Apologize to the user above.

Sorry for not believing in the facts you give me on certain Pokemon, species, or topics - or accepting in some cases
( @EternalPokéFanGirl I know some stereotypes are hard to change, good or bad, even with correct evidence, such as mine where I believe bugs are just food and electronic destroyers because of ants and cockroaches, then again I blame all bugs for it even if some, like bees, are good - a bit unfair to blame all bugs over only two)
Sorry for eating all your candy before bed time
mmmm stale candy

Sorry for reminding me of Homer Simpson
(not that one, the other one when Homer is about to eat donuts)

Sorry for you getting the wrong reference
Sorry but Dazzling Gleam doesn't have an S on the end of it
that made me laugh

Sorry but fixed that mistake
Sorry to say, catching up very slowly,, about to pass ME
(about 30 posts behind them)
Sorry but I don't care as I don't see you catching up to me anytime soon
(you do care since you make them such a big deal)

Sorry, but had to be said
Sorry but in my eyes you do make it seem that it's more of a big deal to you than BDF, as stated in my translation of a post you did as soon as you surpassed Max1996

Variant 123.png
Sorry for.... aleady send it earlier in the week
Banned for not protecting the shell
Sorry if I did anything bad to you....
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