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Apologize to the user above.

Sorry for giving that impression
It ok, everyone has their preferences XD, what is ur fav?
It was fire, but then I got a 3-pack of cards that had a full-art Inteleon V, and that really got me into Pokemon and made my favorite type water.
sorry that cant of anything to apologize for
(doesn't roxanne count as foxy?)
Sorry for taking so long on making the pfp, but I'm glad u liked it :)
Sorry for not knowing Mori Calliope until you used her and having to search for information about her to give you proper responses.
Not even sure if you noticed this but, sorry for switching between "Gold Star" and "Love" about a million times in reaction to your post on the user's partner Pokemon thread. I wasn't sure which one to give you I guess. It's just nobody had ever guessed Sceptile as one of my favorites before, and I looove Sceptile. Sorry for the drawn out response too, I tend to overthink stuff. Habit.
Sorry for not thinking of something to apologize for.
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