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Feb 21, 2011
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September 13th, 20xx

In a remote facility in an undisclosed location, Doctor Liz Sanders sat in her office.

She looked to be in her late twenties or early thirties. Liz was petite with a slim figure and and pale skin. Her black hair was tied in a messy and her brown eyes had dark shadows under them from long hours of overtime in the lab.

There was a knock on the door to her office.

"Enter," she called curtly without turning away from her monitor.

A man entered, wearing a military uniform. He was tall and burly, and he tanned skinned and a short hair. He carried himself a powerful manor. "Dr. Sanders, I require a report."

"Figured you'd want a report Colonel Vermillion." Dr Liz replied in an irritated tone. "Can't it wait a few minutes?"

"Don't take that tone with me." Colonel Vermillion retorted. "I know the Adonis Group is third party and heading your research and this program. But we can pull the plug if you don't cooperate."

"Fine..." Dr. Sanders sighed while getting up from her chair. "Follow me."

She lead Colonel Vermillion down a hallway and into an observation room that viewed a room with 5 people in it.

"These are our main subjects." Liz explained. "Lucas Weiss, Adisa Chemutai, Summer Snow, Remington Monti, and Natalie Lore. They all have received Alpha Cell Injections 24 hours ago, and all of their vital signs still remain stable. However, based on our estimations, the Alpha Cells should soon be taking full affect on them shortly."


Meanwhile, on the otherside of the glass was Lucas Weiss.

He looked at the other people in the room nearby. None of this felt real to him. The Alpha Cells were supposed to make him stronger or something, but he honestly didn't feel any different.

He glanced at the others sitting in a chair and then started drinking some bottled water.

He then felt a sudden muscle spasm through out his body, and he started coughing up the water.

"What was that?" He thought aloud.
Adisa yawned, smacking his lips a bit before sitting up. He stretched, before looking at his hand then everyone else in the room. Scratching his chin, he muttered. "I need a taco."
Remington Monti didn't exactly feel up to the task of moving her arms to get any liquid of sorts. Her arms literally felt so dead, so she could only really sit up.

"Dannazione tutto," she cursed under her breath, straining her arm just to rub away her exhaustion. A sharp wave of pain shot through her body. Almost immediately, she cursed sharply.
Summer was blinking rapidly, her mind racing. Her vision was practically blinding. Rapid feelings of shapes and colors and senses she'd never had before were flying in and out of her head. Perhaps these injections were a bad idea.
"You alright over there?" Adisa said to Remi, moving his hand to reach out. When he did, a gust of wind blew over the bottled water and small table next to him. "Whoa. Somebody left the window open."
Liz smirked from the one way window.

"Looks like were starting to see some results already." She mused.

The Spasm Lucas suffered eased up slightly, but he still felt whiff. He noticed Summer blinking repeatedly.

"You okay?" He asked, trying to ignore the pain he was in.
"Oh hey, you're both awake," Adisa said with a smile to Lucas and Summer. "So, I'm guessing nothing bad happened. That's good."
"So far, so good I think." Lucas replied.

"UGH!" he shouted. He had another muscle spasm go through out his body, that was painful enough to fall to the floor.

Lucas got up slowly, still wincing, his breath starting to get a little labored. You could see sweat starting to thicken on his brow.
"Ooor not," Adisa said, standing to his feet. "Whoa..." He was able to balance himself after a moment, going over to help Lucas up. "Come on, you're good."
"My eyes are going completely..." Summer had started to say to Lucas before he fell over. She stood up to try and help Adi, but then her vision shifted again and she was seeing... skeletons. "I think I can..." before she could finish the thought, her vision was back to normal. "I think I'm hallucinating."
Adi grunted slightly before looking to Summer. "Did they lace you or something?" Adi put Lucas' arm around his neck, hoisting him up. "Either those're side-effects, or there's some shiftier stuff goin' on."
Remi had initially flinched when Adi had moved towards her, raising her hands in self-defense. The pain had numbed away, and she opened her eyes in confusion. That confusion turned to shock, then horror, as she observed her arms. Her arms below the forelimbs had been replaced with the barrels of a shotgun.

"What the actual fuck is going on..?" She mumbled, not quite sure how to turn her arms back into...arms.
"WOAH!" Lucas shouted. "Watch your pointing those things! I don't wanna get shot!"
"Yeah, seriously," Adi said, holding up his hands while inadvertently dropping Lucas.
"How do I.. How do I turn them back..?" Remi asked semi-lamely, not really sure how she would even fire the guns if she had no hands, and no visible trigger as the other half of the gun fused with her skin. "I mean.. Oh, fuck me," she swore under her breath as her right arm reformed into an M16.
"I dunno. Maybe just, like... think about it?" Adi gulped a bit, his hands still in the air.
"I'm trying, damnit.." She muttered, moving her arms so they weren't aimed at the other people in the room. Thinking about it inadvertently pulled the proverbial trigger, as a round from the shotgun arm fired off at the one-way glass.

"Dannazione, dannazione, dannazione..." She repeated like a mantra. Luckily, her arms returned to their normal appearance after repeatedly swearing in Italian.
Liz didn't even flinch.

"This is getting too dangerous!" Colonel Vermillion shouted. "We should stop this now."

"Keep your shirt on!" Liz spat. "We have precautions in place, were prepared for anything."

Liz left the observation room and entered the sitting room that everyone else is in. "Okay, Remington." Liz said. "Just calm down and breathe slowly, that should help keep you in your normal state. The Alpha Cells in your body act more powerful the more you get worked up." she explained.

Lucas's heart was pounding from the gunshot, he didn't even notice the muscle pain he was in because of all of the excitement.
Adi had jumped when Remi shot at the glass. "Whoa shit!" He said.

Liz's entrance drew his attention. "Getting worked up gives you gun arms, huh?"
"Calming down is apparently how you pull the trigger," she shot back, crossing her (normal) arms over her chest.
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