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April Fool’s Day 2022: The Quackening

I didn't know you speak Chinese, you're definitely full of surprises :LOL:.
nOooooo that's Japanese too, sometimes Google translate is weird and thinks things in kanji are chinese lolI

I just said "the third appearance from the president!?" because I've already seen him like 3 times todayyyy
Qu'est-ce que c'est?

Edit: If this post seems like it's posing a question to the post yakitori made above, I don't believe I intended for that; it just tied together as a neat little coincidence if so. I don't even think I read his question until after I posted this; I just wanted to post something with Le Quack on a whim. I will ask now though, yakitori, what did you mean by duck dock?

(Sorry if I overthought that too much, habit.)
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