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Archaic, Kasumi to wed: Bulbagarden admins planning for 2009

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Nov 13, 2005
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Archaic, Kasumi to wed: Bulbagarden admins planning for 2009

Archaic, Bulbagarden Web master, and Kasumi, a Bulbagarden administrator, are proud to announce their recent engagement. They plan to wed next year.

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Congratulations! I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing both of you the best future possible. At the same time, I hope that both of you will continue to frequent Bulbagarden and that Archaic especially will continue to function as the site's head Honchkrow, since the site's so great at the moment. So, again, congratulations. :D

*W00T! First post.*
Now we have to look forward to all the cute kids.

Congratulations you guys!
Congrats. You two make a very nice couple.

Now send me a piece of wedding cake.
Congratulations! I wish you guys the best.
Awesome, congratulations. :)

Bulbasaur needs to somehow be represented at the wedding. :p
Congratulations!! and I agree, wedding cake shaped as a Bulbasaur!
Congrats, you two! :)

Bulbasaur shaped wedding cake.. sounds good! xD
Hey guys, congrats! This is really awesome! I wish you both good luck and all the best. ^_^
As the buds of two flowers flowers open, so thus the happiness of two in matrimony...

Yeah, forget that couplet. Congrats, you two lovebirds. Too bad I can't think of a good poem, right? XP
Congratulations you two. Though I haven't known you long, May you two have an eventful long-lasting marriage. Who knew that a child's video game would bring two people together. @ Archaic: WE have to talk about my block, though I guess that is the least of your worries
Oh yeah, it's probably THE greatest Christmas present EVER, until possibly two steps from now...
As I've already expressed privately, congrats and best of luck to both of you.

If you fly me out, is it a business expense...?
I would just like to say congratulations on your engagement, and the warmest wishes for your happiness together!
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