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Are there any rules regarding usernames?

My friends are my power!
Sep 24, 2010
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I don't believe I've ever seen any rules that apply to usernames. Are there any?
Cheers to the Freeze
Aug 19, 2003
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The general consensus is as long as it's not "inappropriate" (word choice, very important), any username is cool to use. You planning to change yours?
Requiem Raver
Apr 8, 2008
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I think Buzz is also asking about the waiting period between name changes.
In that case you have to cycle through 5 name changes nd you have to wait (at think it is a day or so) before you can reuse a name.

But it seems like you you can cycle through names as many times as you want to in a day. Do note, however, that doing so is considered to be impolite/in bad taste.