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Are you a fan or critic?

Who are you

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Oct 24, 2019
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Some like anime in general and watch all the shows. Some writes harsh reviews and drop shows
So what re you are you fan or are you critic?

For me, I can't drop any shows but I don't 10/10 every shows either. So I'm maybe slightly fanboyish?
Let's go hunting
Sep 26, 2015
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I'm usually pretty lenient on a lot of anime/manga I've watched/read, it's not too often I give a series something below a 5, even to series that's considered bad or mediocre; though I have given some more popular series below 5 or just consider it mediocre mainly cause I never got the hype around it or it just didn't give me the same enjoyment (Mob Psycho, OPM, Cowboy Bebop, and PMMM being some examples). I've actually never written a review for a series, partially cause I've felt no need to go into deep detail on why I gave a series a certain score and partially due to laziness; my ratings are simple and I have my own reasons for why I liked or disliked a series just like everyone of course, but that doesn't mean I'm going to write it out for everyone. The most I do is give recommendations based on people's tastes, if they ask for one.

As for dropping a anime/manga, I've done that, mainly cause I just couldn't get too into it or something about it just really annoys me. I even have series I wished I dropped sooner instead of sticking through it thinking it might turn around for me (Clannad + After Story and Vampire Holmes for another example; and for the latter I thought it would have a so bad it's good to it, it doesn't imo).

I guess I lean more towards slightly fangirlish. There are a lot of other series I want to get to, and I'm sure most are going to be rated high or somewhere in the middle, but I'm not opposed to dropping it or giving it a low score if it comes to it.