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Art Gallery General Chat Thread

Arylett Charnoa

Observer of Ephemeral Diversions
Sep 21, 2013
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My sister made this for my birthday at the end of last year:
So great. Apparently she's making another one. Much excitement!!!
How cute! I love Pokemon plush things... can't stop collecting them. ><

The forums (and especially the art gallery) has also become more and more quiet as people prefer posting art on social media instead.
I find that kind of sad, honestly. I pretty much don't post on social media much, only using older websites like FurAffinity and Deviantart. And even on those, I get nothing, really. Oh sure, few favorites here and there on DA, but... I don't really get the sense that anyone actually cares about me or my work, you know? That's what I dislike about sites like that. I'm just a dime a dozen. My art gets drowned out constantly by professionals that I can't compete with. There's no community, and little motivation to keep posting other than me desiring to have a sort of online portfolio.

Don't get me wrong - I don't need many eyeballs on my work. I just want the feeling that a few people care. That's why I'm still here. This place is the only one remaining where I still get a feeling that somebody cares.
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Oct 27, 2015
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I 100% agree with this sentiment!!

Social media is just overwhelming to me. For the very reasons you've described. It all just seems pointless when you're constantly seeing others with more skills and/or things getting far more attention. If you're someone that's always comparing themselves to others/never feeling like your work is truly up to scratch, it can be a very depressing experience.

I love the setup here, and I urge anyone that considers posting their work in the Art Gallery... to simply do so! Because those that still frequent this section really do care.