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Art Gallery Halloween Party 2021

Rainbow Cloud

Plasma Pokémon
Jul 12, 2011
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Hi everyone :)

To celebrate Halloween we are looking to create a collaborative Halloween Party drawing to commemorate the occasion but we need your help. The Art Gallery staff have created a background image for the Halloween party but we're still one thing short, party guests.

This is where everyone can help, if you would like to add a pokémon guest to the party, you can post a drawing of your pokémon here which can be a regular drawing or one given a Halloween themed twist. The Halloween Party is open to everyone of any level of drawing ability as well as any art style and both traditional and digital drawings being welcome.

You can post as many pokémon drawings here up until the 30th October, after that the party guests will be added to the background image and the final drawing will be revealed on the 31st.


Background image collaboration - @NMLewis @Rainbow Cloud

In addition to the Art Gallery Halloween Party, the Monthly Art Prompt and Photography Prompt threads are also running some spooky themes for this month.