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Art shop cuz I'm bored


King's Rock Population Bomb go brrrrrrrrr
Nov 28, 2023
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  1. He/Him
Hello!! I have decided to create an art shop cuz I need an excuse to draw lol. I can draw either digitally or on paper, but I will be drawing on paper for now because I don't have access to my tablet.

I only ask you to not request drawings that are too complicated to draw / contain too many characters

I'll put some examples on my art style below

Digital Art:

On paper:
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Eepy Zorua...

Can I request a cute drawing of a Miltank? Think of it like a fat puppy rather than a cow, would be a good vibe.
Here you go!!

It's based on the anime's version of a baby miltank, which I also attached here.

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