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Art Shop of Nonsense

Apr 1, 2022
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  1. He/Him
  2. They/Them
'Ello, 'ello, hola! Ciao and bonjour! Welcome to my Art Request thread where you can ask me to draw you anything (as long as it doesn't break Bulbagarden guidelines and remember to read the notes) under the sun!
  • Please remember to credit me if your posting my art somewhere else, or using it as a avatar and signature
  • if you want a character design, be specific, and please don't be vague
  • I kinda suck at drawing humans so please keep that in mind
  • Your request may not be fulfilled, if it's not fulfilled in a month, you are more than welcome to virtually slap me.
-Otherwise, go wild!
Check the Corner of Nonsense for examples of my artwork
Could I perchance request a holiday-themed Quaxly?
Hullo hullo! Sorry for the late response! But here's your Quaxly! It's my first time drawing them C:


Merry early Christmas mate
Prefarbly Eternamax but whatever works easiest for you is cool to!
hello, here's your eternatus, enjoy and please don't ask me to draw one next time
How about a Victini?
Here's your Victini, enjoy C:


Fun fact, the actual drawing process for this took way longer than the eternatus
hello Dreary! May I request a drawing of an Eevee and a Bramblin hanging out together? With or without a holiday theme, that's totally up to you. I just think they would look really cute in your style :bulbaCute:
Hello, here's your buddies, hope you enjoy! C:
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