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Ash gets a Gible! Wait he doesn't? Look here it says he does!

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It does. Kazunari knows how much ash did want it and seeing how he is much less experienced then ash, he gives it to him as he cannot really control it when he thought he could.
You got a point...
Maybe he will just give it to Ash so he can train him. But he won't "give" it.
Well, I guess it might happen after all
Either Ash will catch a random Gible later on and the Kazu ep was a set up for this (like Misty/Corsola or Dawn/Buneary) or Kazu give it for Ash in the next ep
Kazu won't return in the Pokéthlon ep, that's ridiculous... he goes back to Johto in the next ep, why would he return to Sinnoh randomly like that?
The "Aprishake" was jsut there in the background as a Johto related item and HGSS advertising, it wasn't really shown as related to Kazu... with that logic you could say Kazu is related to the MooMoo Milk just because he sold it there too (and this one they actually called by name and shown it not just in background)

I guess we'll have to wait and see...
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If anything maybe Kazunari is returning sooner than expected and the toy is based on his Gible rather than a random one for Ash.

But I don't see why Kazu would leave for Johto just to come back after the Galactic eps.
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Ash is probably not going to capture any Gible. Kazu, at the most, will be in that Pokethlon ep from DP160 or whatever it was.
They already clearly say Koto and Kazu leave back to Johto
Kazu won't be in that Pokéthlon ep, there's no reason for him to be there
Either Kazu give Gible to Ash, Ash catch another Gible or this information isn't right (I don't doubt this but... who knows)
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Hopefully we get some more toy adverts/magazine adverts from future eps to see what Pokemon Ash still has on his roster.
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The idea just sounds too random to be true. If he was really gonna capture a Gible it would have happened. Why have him capture a different Gible 15 something episodes later?
Why not?
It could be some kind of build up to Ash getting a Gible similar to Corsola/Bunny with Misty/Dawn
I don't know, we'll have to wait and see
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Ash has a full team of 6 though, the others did not. When did he make a capture after having a full team....since Krabby in Kanto?
Why not?
It could be some kind of build up to Ash getting a Gible similar to Corsola/Bunny with Misty/Dawn
I don't know, we'll have to wait and see
Don't forget Ash/Corphish. But yeah, let's just wait and see.

On a related note, I added in the info on Bulbapedia.
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I'll repeat what i said on SPPF:
Kazu sells the Aprishakes. DP157(DP159 for proper numbering)is in December or the years end. Kazunari and his stand pop up. Kazu tells ash he cannot take care of Gible. Ash takes Gible. Problem fucking solved.
If Ash gets Gible, obviously something (most likely Gliscor) is getting Oak'd, is there any evidence on future merchandize that one of his current 5 Pokemon is gone?
wooow, what am I reading here?
Guys I tell you, that would be one of the greatest Christmas presents! Forget about RL-presents, THIS would undoubtedly be one of THE most amazing presents ever!
Oh, how I wish that it would become true. The writers could redeem themselves and all my agony and pain would finally turn into a happy end!
I'm tempeted to say "Let's pray that this happens" but,ok, as a committed Christian I've gotta admit that this would be blasphemy.

Quite frankly, Mitchman's explanation which I quoted above sounds most reasonable and so I have no reason to doubt his information.
At least you tried...
I don't have any particular opinion on how likely this is just yet, considering various factors.

Ash getting something that could potentially turn into a semi-legendary is, however, very intriguing--I'd be quite pleased if it did happen, but someone would have to get oaked...

Y'know, during the Johto League, Ash had Pikachu with him while also using six Pokemon against Gary (which contradicts when he caught Krabby...). I wonder if it's possible for him to have Pika following him without being "officially" in the party.
...Yeah, not gonna happen, just a "what if" thought.
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Probably not. Its probably the same reason Larvitar was never officially captured, simply because Ash had 6 Pokemon at the time. So Larvitar just tagged along without being a real capture.

Maybe Gible could be like Larvitar?

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My newest theory (which also sounds most convincing if you ask me):

The Galactic showdown will start in November, won't it?
It was confirmed that Her Majesty Queen Cynthia would be in those episodes as well.
I'm pretty much sure that Cynthia will defeat Team Galactic with Ash being allowed to assist her, for example by freeing the pixies.
Although she did most of the hard work (facing Cyrus and conforting Dialga and Palkia who had presumably gone berserk before), Cyntia will give Ash a mysterious egg, which will turn out to contain a Gible later on, as a sign of appreciation for his heroic deeds.
This would be THE most wonderful plot in the Pokemon Anime E.V.E.R. If this actually happens, I'll do hero worship for Cynthia for ever and ever