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Ash PWC tracker


I swear I don’t even know what’s going on anymore
Feb 25, 2022
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Just wanted a tracker to see all his PWC battles to get a sense of his journey through journeys

This doesn’t include non PWC battles, examples are the Flute Cup battles, Ash vs Rose, Ash vs Wallace, the brief battle vs Rinto etc…

Ash PWC battles:
  • Ash vs Visquez W
    • Gengar vs Raichu W 1-0
    • Gengar vs Electrode L 1-1
    • Pikachu vs Electrode W 1
  • Ash vs Oliver: W
    • Pikachu vs Meganium W 2-0
  • Ash vs Hayden: W
    • Pikachu vs Tauros W 3-0
  • Ash vs Lob: W
    • Pikachu vs Clawitzer W 4-0
  • Ash vs Korrina: W rank up to Super/Great Class
    • Gengar vs Lucario L 1-2
    • Dragonite vs Mienshao W 1-0
    • Dragonite vs Lucario W 2-0
  • Ash vs Tony: W
    • Riolu vs Electabuzz W 1-0
  • Ash vs Kricetina: W
    • Pikachu vs Heracross W 5-0
  • Ash vs Bea 1: L
    • Farfetch’d vs Hawlucha L 0-1
    • Riolu vs Grapplock L 1-1
  • Ash vs male trainer: L
    • Riolu vs Octillery L 1-2
  • Ash vs female trainer: L rank down to Normal class
    • Riolu vs Tentacruel L 1-3
  • Ash vs ___: off screen rank back up to Super/Great
  • Ash vs Bea 2: D
    • Pikachu vs Hitmontop W 6-0
    • Pikachu vs Grapplock L 6-1
    • Riolu vs Grapplock D 1-3-1
  • Ash vs ___: off screen battles ranking increases 56C6B2C8-D2B6-442F-B74C-695CE358624F.jpeg
  • Ash vs Dozer: W
    • Farfetch’d vs Gurdurr W 1-1
  • Ash vs ___: off screen ranking higher since Dozer against Rinto DDF393D2-8670-4C95-8FD9-58B9FF385766.jpeg
  • Ash vs Rinto: W
    • Sirfetch’d vs Gallade W 2-1
  • Ash vs Iris: W rank up to Hyper/Ultra Class
    • Dracovish vs Dragonite W 1-0
    • Dracovish vs Haxorus L 1-1
    • Dragonite vs Haxorus W 3-0
  • Ash vs Volkner: W
    • Gengar vs Rotom L 1-3
    • Lucario vs Rotom W 2-3-1
    • Lucario vs Luxray D 2-3-2
    • Pikachu vs Electivire W 7-1
  • Ash vs Bea 3: W
    • Sirfetch’d vs Hawlucha L 2-2
    • Pikachu vs Hawlucha W 8-1
    • Pikachu vs Grapplock L 8-2
    • Lucario vs Grapplock W 3-3-2
    • Lucario vs Machamp W 4-3-2
  • Ash vs Marnie: W
    • Gengar vs Grimmsnarl W 2-3
  • Ash vs Drasna: W
    • Sirfetch’d vs Mega Altaria D 2-2-1 or W 3-2
    • Dracovish vs Noivern W 2-1
  • Ash vs Raihan: Update: W
    • Dragonite vs Flygon L 3-1
    • Gengar vs Flygon W 3-3
    • Gengar vs Goodra D 3-3-1
    • Lucario vs Duraludon W 5-3-2
  • Ash vs Steven: Update: W
    • Dracovish vs Aggron L
    • Gengar vs Aggron W
    • Gengar vs Cradily L
    • Pikachu vs Cradily W
    • Pikachu vs Mega-Metagross W
  • Ash vs Cynthia: TBD
Update: 20 soon to be 21 battles

PWC Records

Pikachu 10-2
Dragonite 3-1
Gengar 4-4-1
Lucario 5-3-2
Sirfetch’d 2-2-1 /3-2
Dracovish 2-2
Ash 16-3-1

Can assume at least 5 extra wins as three instances off off screen battling and one of those confirms three battles
So possibly 21(+)-3-1

So out of 118 episodes about 20-26 PWC battles have happened making it around the same as SM total Ash battles

Side note: if I had to compare PWC battles to gyms it seems that it would be
1. Visquez
2. Korinna
3. Rinto
4. Iris
5. Volkner
6. Bea
7. Drasna
8. Raihan
As all others seem more like normal trainer battles where these had some stakes or extra challenge or development (possibly put Marnie in there instead of someone like Rinto or Visquez or Raihan)
And possibly the master 8 is like the league

Update 5/6/2022 Ash defeats Raihan entering the Master Class and gaining another Win
Update 5/9/2022 cleaned up the format and added the pokemons wins and losses
Update 7/22/22 Ash defeats Steven moving into the top 4/Semi Finals
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Well-Known Member
Mar 15, 2018
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Ah PWC, we had such high hopes for you when you first started. The telltale signs that things would end up like they did really came when they started to actually skip battle. Then Hyper class started out promising only to lack any real consistency (seriously, why was Marnie relegated to a 1 v 1 this late in?). I don’t even know what to expect with the Masters 8 at this point.


Ash's Lucario is his greatest Pokémon!
Mar 14, 2021
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Pikachu hogging the start is a real shame. Could've been used for the rest of his team or to throw a bone to reserves like Torterra, Noivern, and Incineroar.
Replace Noivern with Greninja and yes I agree. But Noivern deserves to shine too :(


I swear I don’t even know what’s going on anymore
Feb 25, 2022
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Updated with episode 109 battle results


Well-Known Member
Nov 29, 2006
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Saw this on twitter earlier as well, nice to see everyone at 50% or higher rn
View attachment 159515
Wow, really shows how much the writers don't care for most of Ash's team.

Dragonite appeared a surprisingly few amount of times. Sirfetch'd and Gengar seem like jobbers and are only allowed to win when they get a power up. Dracovish needs more love. :( I hope it won't be another jobber for PIkachu and Lucario.


I swear I don’t even know what’s going on anymore
Feb 25, 2022
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Updated again
Cleaned it up a little and added the Pokémons individual records
Again just PWC

So question is Sirfetch’d battle against Drasna’s Mega Altaria a Win? A draw? A win and loss?
Confusion as Rotom declared Sirfetch’d the winner but then it passed out and ruled not able to continue