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EVERYONE: Ash Talks to Dialga and Palkia


Jul 4, 2023
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Ash talks to Dialga and Palkia
The Rise of Darkai – Oracion doesn’t quite work. Ash and Dawn have to use versions of the Doctor and Clara's speeches in 'The Rings of Akhaten' to talk Dialga down

It worked. The two Electric types were able to start the mechanism. The Space-Time Towers moved into action, the tunes of Oracion following. “It’s working!” Dawn exclaimed. The tune was certainly calming, the way the towers played it. More effective than on Alice’s leaf whistle, Ash considered. Pikachu and then Pachirisu tired out, but the Space-Time Towers continued and a golden energy began to emerge…

Palkia calmed upon hearing more of the music come out of the towers, but Dialga didn’t. He was still enraged at the sight of the other Legendary.

Ash was still annoyed at this, as more of Alamos Town dissolved into nothingness. Oracion didn’t calm his indignation at the legendary that was considered a deity. He thought. Maybe that was it. That Diagla considered himself a deity. He ran out of the music room towards the Time Tower.

“Ash!” Dawn called out.

“Dialga!” he called out, ignoring Dawn.

The legendary paused. Ash looked down at the garden before looking back up at him. “Can you see them? Hear them? The people of Alamos Town, who are cowering in terror because of you! Can you hear the Towers that someone designed to play that song? Oh, you like to think you’re a deity? But you’re not a deity! You’re just a very powerful Pokemon!” He paused. He wasn’t sure what else to say. He saw Dawn follow him out.
“You have no right to destroy the lives of people and other Pokemon; including Darkrai, who sacrificed himself despite being misunderstood by others, including myself.”

Diaga paused and looked at Ash.

“Yes! I’m talking to you. Let me tell you a story. I have seen many things on my journey! Many powerful Pokemon, and criminals who are after them. When good people get together, they can achieve anything. Like Tonio’s great grandfather, who had these Towers built for this moment!”

Dialga growled and began to move away.

“It didn’t work,” Dawn said.

“I tried,” Ash said.

“My turn,” Dawn said. “You hear this song? One can say it’s the most important song in history. Saving Alamos Town and its inhabitants is important. Think of all that they have yet to accomplish. Both Humans and Pokemon! The stories they would have to tell. Can you imagine? What will be or could have been? It can be overwhelming.”

Dialga paused.

“Consider that!” Ash said.

Dialga appeared to be in thought.

Ash and Dawn looked at each other. They hoped that they were able to talk him down.

Dialaga appeared to bow and then left, leaving Palkia alongside the Space-Time Towers.

“Palkia, can’t you see what you’ve done?” Ash asked. “You’ve destroyed the whole town. All the Pokemon, you’ve gotta do it!”

“Palkia, please!” Dawn added.

Palkia bowed and there was a shift as Alamos Town was restored and returned to the Sinnoh Region. Ash and Dawn took in the afternoon sky and looked at the east cliffs where the shadows of the Space-Time Towers were prominent. They were back, but Darkrai wasn’t.
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