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Ash's best and worst League battles

Feb 2, 2011
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My all time favorite Ash league battle is Charizard vs. Harrison's Blaziken during the Silver Conference. I remember that battle being one of the most exciting things I've seen in Pokemon as a kid and I still think it's a great battle. I also liked Ash's battle against Gary in the same league.

The worst ones for me are a tie between his Kanto battle against Ritchie and his freaking battle against Cameron in the Unova League. Now Kanto I'll let slide a little bit since that was the first time the writers wrote for a league, but the way Ash lost was just ridiculous. Team Rocket stealing his pokemon and almost making him late, plus the referee saying that a sleeping pokemon in unable to battle? I'm glad things have improved since then..

And Cameron's battle, I don't even need to get into that. A dumb kid with a powerful Lucario managed to beat Ash, and eh didn't even have a full team. That's like a big slap in the face after watching Ash in the Sinnoh League fighting against a Darkrai and Latios. He may have gotten beaten quickly that time too but at least he made it to the final 4 and Sceptile and Pikachu did put up good fights.
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Oct 19, 2008
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Ash's best league battles were against Paul and Gary Mother[BLEEP]ing Oak, with an honorable mention to Harrison. Okay, and Drake, if you wanna count the Orange League (which was minor league in comparison). Those were exciting back-and-forth full battles b/w trainers who were on roughly the same skill level. It also helps that Super Special Awesome Charizard was in three of them.

The worst ones were against Cameron and Trollbias, since Ash was clearly set up to lose in the most ridiculous ways. (Cameron was already established to be an idiot, even more so than Ash, while Trolly just steamrolled through with two Olympus Mons. There's a reason both can be found here.) Special mention goes to Ash vs. Trip, the only main rival Ash didn't defeat in a full battle. It was just one-on-one, and Ash's victory move at the end didn't even make sense.


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Jan 28, 2011
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Ash's best league battles were against Paul and Gary. The intensity, drama, and how hard-fought those were for Ash were a great sight to see.

Ash's worst league battle I think was against Cameron. He didn't use much strategy to take down Cameron's Pokemon and instead just kept going with attack, attack, dodge, and dodge. Strategy and trying different tactics would've made the battle a lot better.
Apr 23, 2012
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1. Ash v. Paul
2. Ash v. Gary
3. Ash v. Harrison


1. Ash v. Cameron (The worst one. Very cringeworthy to watch).
2. Ash v. Trip
3. Ash v. Stephen