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Ash's Bulbasaur and Muk at Professor Oak's Laboratory to reappear in the 2019 new anime series?

Sep 8, 2012
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Hey, guys. I'm just wanting to know whether or not you think that Ash's Bulbasaur and Muk, the one that he has kept at Professor Oak's Laboratory will reappear in the 2019 new anime series from the Pokémon main TV anime? Why? This is because they all have appeared in all the previous series from that anime, besides that they were both cut, even though unmentioned in the XY anime series. However, Ash's Muk's original Japanese voice actor Unshou Ishizuka has already passed away from his cancer, and it is not known yet who will be available to replace him, or else his voice recording has been archived for Ash's Muk's voice, or else the writers will have retired Ash's Muk from this anime instead because of this reason. Do you think? Please let me know when you've replied, thanks?
Finally with a Pokémon avatar
Sep 27, 2007
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Judging by the poster I think we'll see Bulbasaur, at least, since it has him, Squirtle, and Charizard together (Charizard plus the others being first stages points towards them being Ash's), and many of the poster elements have come about one way or the other.
Only puts shiny pokémon into HOME
Mar 1, 2019
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I think Ash's surpassing the hatred for Dragonites and now Ash owning one is an episode too easy to write and too hard to not to.
Jun 24, 2017
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or else the writers will have retired Ash's Muk from this anime instead because of this reason
Look, I can't say whether or not we'll see Muk or any of Ash's other reserve Pokemon in this new series since we're only about 10 episodes into it, but even if Muk doesn't appear anytime soon, that wouldn't mean that he's been 'retired' from the anime. I don't understand why you worry about something that isn't going to happen.