Ash's Incineroar header image: SM143 vs JN140


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Jul 9, 2009
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I have been attempting to change the header image for the Ash's Incineroar page from this one...

Ash_Incineroar.png this one from the most recent episode.

Ash Incineroar.png

However both times I have tried to change it BigDocFan has reverted it to the previous one with the justification being "pose is good but this has more body".

Sorry but am I wrong in thinking reasoning is absolutely ridiculous. I'll admit, I never liked the first picture because I felt the pose was awkward but in the end it was pretty much the only solo shot of Incineroar we had so of course it won by default. But now we have what I think is a perfectly acceptable and definitely better pose but it's being shoved out for one where part of Incineroar's arm is cut off and you can't even see its entire face. The only thing that the first picture has that the second one doesn't is part of the upper legs and that's it.

So going back to my question... am I wrong here? Does everyone else prefer the first one? If not, is there anyone I can raise this with?


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Dec 12, 2022
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The first one looks weird. Looks a bit like cinderace, and is centered around the crotch. So yeah. I definitely would prefer the second one. Sorry about BigDocFan. They (unsure of pronouns) always seem nice, but you are right here.
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