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Ashs Palpitoad vs Mistys Politoed

Battle of anime toads

  • Ashs Palptoad

    Votes: 2 25.0%
  • Mistys Politoed

    Votes: 6 75.0%

  • Total voters
Well, I voted for Ash's Palpitoad because I like it, but since it's part ground maybe Politoed would be able to beat it? If Ash ever evolves his Palpitoad into a Seismitoad though I think it'll have a greater chance of winning.
Also, since both Ash and Misty didn't used their respective toads that much in battles they are both quite under-used and it's a little difficult to tell who would win.
Each of this pokemon comes from different era of anime. Ash Palpitoad benefits from being born in pokemon saga where animation and battles are usually of higher quality. As main star pokemon Palpitoad was blessed of being involved in many battles to prove its worth and showcase skills. After all we are talking about amphibian which managed to defeat Burgundy Stoutland in Club tournament, Darumaka, Zebstrika twice(second time by both knocking themselves out) and put up a good fight vs Roxie Garbondor. He also has pretty solid moveset of powerful hydropump, mudshot, sludge wave or supersonic.

Being robust and pretty powerful pokemon.

In comparison Misty Politoad comes from pokemon series when anime formula was more focused on adventure aspect and character dynamic rather than working toward dreams, battling etc. At least not to same degree like it started to be case in future generations.
So if Misty Politoad battled less(if we count just third stage), with number of trainers he was used against being minority of battles with most being vs TR and didnt showcased his full strength in fully evolved form as much how would he has bigger chance to win battle than Ash pokemon does?
Good question and down below ill explain why.

In general there is more to pokemon and determining its strength than just quantity of battles and on screen training he goes through with Misty Politoad showing lot of fighting spirit and determination in pushing himself to maximum vs opponent no matter the odds. Burning with passion and flare which is characteristic of very powerful pokemon. Best example came when struggling as Poliwag vs Ash Bubasaur deciding to evolve solely to help Misty win Totodile at any cost.

Politoad was battle hardened veteran and one of Misty strongest pokemon. He didn't battled much in final stage aside from brother trio Hitmonchan and TR due to late evolution with chances of ever seeing him battle again being very low since Misty is all but gone. However possibility of frequently training and battling with Misty currently at Cerulean and judging by strength he showed as Poliwhirl i would give him advantage in defeating Ash Palpitoad. He challenged Ash Bulbasaur which was practically one of powerhouse at that time(pokemon tying with Meganium in battle and defeating Pyramid king Brandon Solrock is no joke)pushing grass type in corner despite type disadvantage almost wining with last minute solar beam whitstanding beating long enough to fire it being Bulbasaur saving grace.

He defeated his evolved form Poliwrath in Seaking contest, put up great fight vs Ash Totodile in bringing him down for the count and often practiced itself battling TR in defeating Arbok or Victreebel.

For back in day standards Politoad also had pretty good moveset showing avid physical strength expressed through contact moves(like body slam, headbut and mega punch aside from water gun, bubble and double edged swagger). Along with extra advantage green toad has over Palpitoad being in partial type advantage since Palpitoad as part ground makes him weak to direct water attacks.

Both Ash Palpitoad and Misty Politoad has both advantage and disadvantage going in their favor from type covetage, abilities, coming from entirely different series where different standards in battles were applied and overall value they showed. But because of all things mentioned above i would give Misty Politoad edge in winning battle.
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A battle like this would require Ash to actually use his Palpitoad. That's been a pretty damn rare occurrence, even in the series it was caught in.

I'll go with Politoed bcuz Palpitoad only battled like four times or something like that.
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