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TEEN: Ash's Polygamy issues (a PearlShipping/AdvancedShipping/AmourShipping fanfic)

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#1 Sanae Simp
Feb 26, 2014
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*This is going to be an unusual fanfic about my big fandom bicycle*
enjoy ;-)

Chapter 1: One groom, Three brides

As Ash Ketchum, with his brown eyes, cyan hair, and black tuxedo, waits at the altar for his fiancées (yes, there is an S) to come down the aisle, he calls for his groom's men.
"CLEMONT, CILAN, AND BROCK! I NEED YOU ALL HERE!" Suddenly, a man with spiked hair, a man with green hair, and a boy with blond hair and glasses scurry into the room, with smiles on their faces.
"Yes, Ash?" asked all three of them. to which he replied
"Clemont, I need you to tell Bonnie to tell the girls to hurry up. Cilan and Brock, I need both of you to prepare the food for the reception. Just don't get your tuxedoes dirty."
"I think you just spoke too soon for me to tell them to hurry up." said the blond boy, just as the doors opened and the song that is played when the bride walks down the aisle started playing. A girl with short, brown hair; a girl with short, blue hair; and a girl with long, blond hair, all wearing matching white gowns from a famous Lumiose City fashion designer, start walking towards the altar from the entrance of the church. When they arrived at the altar, the blonde asked,
"Ash, sweetie, why are you marrying those two girls as well as me?" to which he replied
"I couldn't choose between between you, Dawn, and May. Is that okay, Serena?"
"*Sigh* Okay." Serena replied back, as the preacher starts the ceremony. As the ceremony entered the point where the bride and groom exchange vows, a little blond girl scurries to the altar with a pillow with four rings on it, then says,
"Sorry I'm late, guys." to which Clemont replies,
"Okay, Bonnie, let me ask you a question, did you have to interrupt the ceremony?" to which the little girl replied,
"Sorry, its just that Chespin scurried into the kitchen and I had to grab him." and all of the guests start to giggle. The preacher then said,
"Okay, on with the ceremony..." and the ceremony continued. When the preacher asked the brides if they will take Ash as their wonderfully wedded husband, they all cheered 'I do' in unison, to which the preacher said,
"I now pronounce you, man and wives. You may now kiss the brides." and Serena aimed for Ash's lips, the other two go for each cheek. That was the biggest day of Ash's life since becoming Kalos League Champion.
This story does not meet the 1000 word word count we have set for first chapters and prologues. Please examine the rulebook, edit this chapter to meet those limits and message me once you have made the edits, and I will then reopen this thread.
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