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Ash's Water type and Brock's Third Member


Jun 11, 2004
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Well, Happini fits in with Brocks pokemon breeding and Buizel's pose there is so Ash it isn't funny. Is it just me, or does it look EXTREMELY cool?
AWWWW, PINPUKU!!!! -squeals- Lovelovelovelove!

That Buizel looks... ghetto-y.
Well, that obviously wouldn't happen.

Yes! I'm glad I was right on Buoysel for Ash. I didn't guess Happiny for Brock but it makes a lot of sense... and will make for some interesting Nurse Joy interaction. :-D

EDIT: From Darkrai and Dialga, I'm guessing that this is a movie poster. Does that mean the captures will be at any time between now and July?
Happiny is SO coming from a Nurse Joy.

Also, Buizel as Ash's water type wasn't exactly unlikely, 'cos is certainly wasn't going to be Keikouo, and it does quite suit him. The REAL question is if he'll have a fire type and what will it be if he does.
Eh, anyone else a bit disappointed that Brock's getting another seemingly baby Pokemon to nurture?

People talk about Bonlsy helping Brock's breeding skills, but all he ever did was shove a bottle in its mouth.

Its almost like Brock has turned into the new Misty. The writers shoved two baby Pokemon on her, (Togepi/Azurill), and now Brock is getting stuck with them.
Not really.

Brock, a Pokemon Breeder, getting a baby sounds good to me. Also, I'm guessing it will probably come from Joy as Oak said, and also...well, let's say Brock probably just got more points toward the ladies.

Also...Sudowood, Croagunk and Happiny...together...on the same team...well, that's just creepy cool.

Also, we have a White Mage on the team. XD

Anyway, for Buizel, I was kinda hoping maybe a Shellos or maybe Beadull, but I really like Floatzel, and the early catching of already 5 members makes it kinda likely most of them will evolve, atleast once.

Plus, it looks like Buizel may be like "Ash", judging by the pose.
Yeah, hopefully Buoysal will evolve in late Shinou. Ash's Water Pokemon needs to evolve for once, dammit! :p
Well, I wouldn't count it too unlikely. Evolution definately seems like it will be a theme, atleast for Ash. Afterall, Starly evolving only like 10 episodes after it was caught, and the writers...GASP...having a 4th Gen evolve into an older one with Sudowoodo means we probably won't get a Johto scenario.
YAY! I'm so glad Ash is getting a Buizel :D And yeah I love the fact that the writers keep giving Brock the baby Pokémon, like others have said, he's a breeder, part of his job is to raise such things and he did such a lovely job with Bonsly.
Wow, this may mean Brock will get a Chansey in the future...WIN! XD
That Buizel looks like it's ready to kick butt. Anyway, I find it interesting to see Pachirisu in the same pose as Pika on that scan. Only Pachi is on Hikari's head instead of her shoulder, which has been taken by Piplup.
Yay for Ash geting a Buizel. =D *loves Buizel*

I don't care much for Hapiny, but I suppose Brock as a breeder was bound to get another baby Pokémon.
It looks rather tall (Pokédex says, 0.7m), then again, it seems neither I nor the animators have any sense of scale.

I never would've guessed Brock would get a Happiny, but seeing it gives me wibbles. ^o^ Wonder if it'll drink from a bottle like Bonsly did?

And of course my fingers are crossed that he'll hatch it from an egg. It's awesome that he's finally getting baby Pokémon - he's a breeder! He should've been the first to have one! - but if he could hatch it from an egg, that'd be icing on the cake.
How did I know that Brock will get a Happiny? It NEEDS to be like Harley's Wigglytuff when it evolves.

Awesome, Ash gets a Buizel. Sad though, since we won't get pshycotic Bidoof in the team.
I love that he is getting a Hapini but I can't imagine Brock with a Chansey though. Maybe he will leave it with a nurse joy eventually.
Actually it would be good to see a Chansey that is not in a Pokemon Centre for a change and does a bit of battling.

I like how Brocks DP team is coming together!
It's a shame Aipom won't be evolving anytime soon, its looking more and more like a permanant member of Ash's D/P team.

So Ash has a team of 5 already, meaning he may make just one more capture between the 10th movie and the end of Shinou.

Brock is probably done, unless Greggle evolves later on.

Hikari will also make her fourth capture before the end of Shinou, but I see the writers are keeping her with these three just in case they need to stick her with an advertisement later on.
It's a shame Aipom won't be evolving anytime soon, its looking more and more like a permanant member of Ash's D/P team
I don't see what's wrong with that. :(

So Ash has a team of 5 already, meaning he may make just one more capture between the 10th movie and the end of Shinou.
Luckily we have alot of evos to look foward too.
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