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At World's End

Don't Look Away
Sep 17, 2008
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The public began running around frantically once the sound of the explosion rang out, causing Zara and Emily to jump up in shock. The two grabbed Aria and began walking back to try and avoid the running crowd, though they were still confused aboutw hat happened. "What's going on all of a sudden!?" Emily called out in confusion, though Zara herself simply looked dryly into the distance as she spotted Kovu, having recognized his voice.

"I should've figured," she groaned.
the kid leader
Dec 9, 2013
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wHOOPS i didn't have internet sorry D:

"You didn't tell me she was gonna be here," the older looking guy groaned, rubbing his temple in irritation. "You had one job, man. One!" Shaking his head in exasperation, he glanced back up at Umbra and Kovu, scoffing. "Whatever. I'll just deal with this by myself. You can handle a bunch of teenagers, right?"

"I...yeah, of course," the other muttered, trying not to falter after being scolded. "At least we don't have to worry about so many witnesses." He drew a knife, warily regarding Zara and the others.

Umbra spared a glance back at Kovu, having the audacity to maintain a half-smirk. "Still afraid of me getting us thrown into jail?"

"At this point I'm more concerned about losing my bounty hunting license," he grumbled in reply, raising his left hand nonchalantly. "It might just be worth it. You're paying for dinner, though."

Umbra didn't have time to reply to his banter, vanishing in a plume of smoke just as the assailant lunged towards her. She reappeared behind him, seemingly bored as she took a drag from her cigarette. She didn't even bother to draw her enchanted blade, which seemed to visibly anger her attacker.

"Please tell me that isn't the best you could do? I've sparred with more able-bodied children than the likes of you."