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Event Autumn 2022 One-Shot Winners

Beth Pavell

Thesaurus rex
Jan 2, 2010
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Good evening! At long last, we have a winner's list! I have to admit, this year was rather more chaotic than unusual, but we got there in the end, and more importantly, there are plenty of new stories to read and enjoy. I won't bore you with any further flannel:

Best Written (Judge chosen)

Lifetime Achievement Award, by @Torchic W. Pip

This is your last ride ever, forever
Fill up your lungs - feel better?
Look - it's you, good as new
New hands, new throat, new living tissue
You earned this new purpose
Lifetime Achievement Award

I think we all enjoyed this one, and by a clear margin, it is the winner!

Best Use of Theme (Judge chosen)

Weakened Boundaries, by @Daren

Fierce competition for this one, but Daren edges it with a classic spooky story.

Best Overall Story (Public vote)
We Don't Go to Anville Town, by @Blanc

Another scattergun of votes for this category, but Blanc emerges the clear winner!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and look out for prize art coming soon!
As usual, it was great to work out of my comfort zone and I'm glad with what I made with Hexed and some of the characters and ideas I had. Considering the feedback on it currently, might actually do a sequel to it (Hexed² is my temp name if I do it).

Congrats to the winners and thank you for the Event our lovely Writer's Workshop staff.

Also thank you to whoever gave Hexed that one single vote, you're the best.
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congrats to the winners, really interesting to see how this went out considering this is the first event ive participated in. still need to read through everyone elses entries but huge shoutout to all who submitted something.

edit: shoutout also to @Torchic W. Pip for carrying me through navigating the forum UI while i sat there wondering wtf was going on haha
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Congratulations also to @Daren and @Torchic W. Pip !!! Daren definitely nailed the classic Halloween vibe, it was well deserved! And parroting my comment on Pip's, his wordplay is absolutely stunning-- both are well deserved!

It took me a bit to find my words to say thank you... To be entirely honest, I was a bit intimidated by everyone's passion in their writing! Everyone here definitely puts their heart into what they do, and I was scared my own writing couldn't match up to that! So... I was very surprised to see everyone read and enjoyed it?? Genuinely, thank you, I think this will inspire me to step out of my comfort zone more and both write different ideas and... perhaps post them on the forum! It was NOT easy to write, and I thank @lisianthus all the way for both supporting me and pushing me through it. @InfiniteBakuphoon was insanely sweet and encouraging too! You guys... I don't have enough words, ever!! Augh!! I can't wait for the next one-shot competition! This was super fun! Thank you Beth for hosting it!!
belated, but congrats to everyone who entered, and also to the winners! I had a great time reading all the stories this year; it's always delightful to see all the directions that these stories end up taking! many thanks to Pav and the judges for making this possible. it looked like things ran super smoothly and I'm impressed, as always, by how much reading the judging team commits to each year. thanks all!
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