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Axis Powers Hetalia Thread

cute patootie
Gah I just love this updated art style. Looks so much prettier and it makes me happy that they're staying true to the manga's style. <33 Episode 2 was hilarious and definitely better than 1! Looking forward to the third soo much now omg.
dunno y u gotta pain 2nyt
I loved the part when Russia choked America with his scarf. XD The Axis Powers' reaction to it was also quite hilarious.
Dat Alpha Sapphire!
Russia choking America with his scarf was amazing. xDDD Also, does anyone really know what color Russia's scarf really is? I've seen art where it's white, pink, purple... the blue in Beautiful World (but that might have only been done for comedic reasons in that one scene)... I really have no idea. I think it's truly pink, though.

I am so excited for the next episode on Friday omg 8D
Proud Pokeservative!
meh the first two episodes were not that impressive to me compared to other seasons. the art shift im not too fond of because it makes the sereis more fluffy and cutzie like. i do hope the episodes continue off of the past seasons comedy. BUT PLEASE PLEASE GET A NEW ENDING SONG!!! CANT STAND IT!!!!!!
Episode 3 was not as good as 2. : / But it still wasn't bad. I'm happy that they're jamming in every character they can into 5 minuets. Much better than previous seasons.
Dat Alpha Sapphire!
We should all join the Canada club! I thought Canada was even more adorable in this season than he was before >.>

I also want to join all of Italy's clubs xD They seem like places I'd be more than willing to waste my time in xD
Proud Pokeservative!
At least Canada is be remembered! So far...
Who is this alledged "canada" you speak of???

I'll just stick my head in here and ask if anyone's joining the Vuvuzela honk honk club then?
Nah, Im going to join the Mitsubishi and Saturn honk honk club. those horns sound better then vuvuzelas in my thoiughts...though that would be a good club started by one of the italys because Italians are infamous for using their car's horn.
dunno y u gotta pain 2nyt
Ukraine's advice will always have a place in my heart. XD When Funimation dubs it, I hope it's as close to the Japanese quote as possible.
Proud Pokeservative!
Ehh. the new episode was meh. the only character i knew was france an the other two i had no idea so the only thing i liked was that France does have self control. the rest just to me was boring and not the normal hetalia style that weve seen from seasons 1-4