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BackSet Makes some BulbaStuff Up (A Blog About Headcanons and Sometimes other Stuff)


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Oct 29, 2017
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We're severly lacking in a headcanon thread because anytime someone makes one it dies. So I made one for just me! :D

Feel free to debate me here. I probably won't budge on my stances on anything but hey, you can try.

First headcanon: the male character is named Sora and the female is named Kai. Why? Because I thought those were good name. That's why.
As I said recently in the Random Messages thread, I headcanon Allister as a crossdresser. This, of course, all resulted from a simple case of gender confusion.
Headcanon: The credits of the first Phoenix Wright game is Ema trying to track down Phoenix (yes, there's a canon discrepancy but give me a break).
Headcanon: Miles Edgeworth had five Black Psyche Locks on him regarding the DL-6 incident before Phoenix unknowingly unlocked them. Same with Ema Skye regarding the death of Prosecutor Marshell.
It's my blog I post what I want!

And just to make it relevant to the topic of my blog:

Headcanon: uuuhhh... Red likes hamburgers.
Haha! Yes! Excellent! The Nintendo Direct is great!

Well... mostly great. At least Sans is just a mii.

Look at all that Character customization! Game Freak hit my weak spot!

Speaking of character customization, or rather, things that are not. Please let that final fighter (pun not intended) of the dlc be from a game I've played/care about! Please!
Theory: Phoenix is Pearl's legal guardian since Morgan Fey is in jail, Mia is dead, and Misty Fey is missing presumed dead. Maybe also Maya's but Maya mentions that she has her own place in the second case so...
I finally finished most of my rewrite of my goddamn fanfic! Thank god! Anyway, everybody hop on over and join the game.

Headcanon: Unova is the name that Univa, Galar, Kalos, Alola, and Orre use to refer to it. To all the other refions it is called Isshu. There are many fights over the proper name of the country, greatly annoying the people of Unova themselves, who would like to think that they know the proper name for their country, thank you very much.
Headcanon: Edgeworth introduced Simon to the Steel Samurai and now he's hooked. They watch marathons together with Maya.
Ace Attorney Headcanon: Edgeworth is asexual.






Also his complete ignorance to the "frothing desire in the female masses." Except Oldbag.


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Headcanon: Professor Sycamore is a magnificent chessmaster and manipulated you, the player character, into stopping Lysandre for him because bureaucracy and politics wouldn't let him do it. At least, not before Lysandre was able to activate the uktimate weapon.
Headcanon: Ash is somewhere around 15-16. Yes, I know that word of god says he doesn't age but these are headcanons, okay. Screw canon.
Oh yeah, Zelda Headcanon time: The Triforce of Coursge makes Link physically incapable of turning down a challenge.
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