Mafia Basic Mafia: The start of a whole new tactics game...

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Jun 17, 2008
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...that could potentially lead to greater things to come.

Anyways, this sort of game has been run successfully and awesomely on Smogon, and one wishes to bring a basic mafia game thread here. So, what is Mafia?

It is a game of deceit, lies, betrayal, trust and cunning. In it, the player attains the trust of enemies and allies alike. Generally, there are 2 to 3 sides, depending on context. In most games, there is the village (good guys) and one or two mafias (bad guys) each with their own goals. The mafia's role is to outnumber the village and win, while the village aims to defeat the mafia.

There's 2 phases, day and night. During the day, people vote to lynch someone, the majority vote deciding who gets lynched. The lynchee is eliminated from the game and dies. During the night, several people can use night actions, such as killing (mafia) or inspecting (village) or hooking (roleblocking, anti-night action, either) to cause mayhem. This is a basic mafia, and so the following roles will be in play.

Vanilla: No night action.

Mayor: Votes count as two.

Killer: Eliminates a player.

Hooker: Blocks a player's role.

Silencer: Kills a player if they post under silence (referred to as godkill).

Bodyguard: Prevents roles from working on a target.

Martyr: Draws roles from a target, different from bodyguard.

Inspector: Discovers player's role.

Sheriff: Discovers player's alliance.

Some rules for the game are as follows, these are constant.

± Dead-talking will not be allowed for the duration of the game, excluding non factual/strategic information.
± The game will start on Night 0. On Night 0 you cannot post your role PM to anyone, unless you are mafia in the same alliance. There will be N0 kills.
± Days will last either 48 hours or 24 hours after the first lynch vote is cast.
± Nights will last either 48 hours or until all pms are received.
± Players with roles should PM the host (me lol) with their role, as stated in the PMs sent for those in the game.
± Those wishing not to use their role should PM me with the message "Night X - Idling."
± Have fun :p

As it is, first signups are open! We'll be playing a basic mafia, so there will be 26 spots open. Fill them up.
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