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Contest Battle between corrupted Pokemon: Primal Dialga vs. Shadow Lugia


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Sep 1, 2010
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Here we have a battle between two legendaries who have been corrupted in some way:

Primal Dialga: turned primal due to the collapsing of Temporal Tower and the destruction of Time itself


Shadow Lugia: Basically turned into a shadow pokemon by Cipher to be the first "impossible to purify" shadow pokemon

Who is the most powerful according to what we see in games and anime?
Who was harder to beat?
Who had the best theme?
When purified or recruited, did you give it a nickname after the pokemon is back to normal?
How often did you use this pokemon
I choose Shadow Lugia, mainly because I like Lugia a lot more than Dialga.

But Primal Dialga I admit has an awesome battle theme and is harder to fight.
I haven't played the games these Pokemon are featured in, but I voted for a tie. I like both Pokemon in general and both corrupted forms look amazing in appearance. I can imagine that they both were difficult to face up against their games as well, or at least what I have seen (youtube, friends etc.).

My vote would mainly be on the appearance of these two Pokemon.
Shadow Lugia Theme > Primal Dialga Theme


It just has more emotion and "epicness" to it, then Primal Dialga Theme.

In strength wise : Probably, Primal Dialga.
I think Shadow Lugia would barely pull out the win, but it'd be a tough fight, for sure. Didn't Shadow Lugia lift up a whole cruise ship or something? Yeah.
Primal Dialga.

Shadow Lugia looks even more awesome than its normal form, and it makes a great wall for Greevil's other Shadow Pokemon, but capturing it with a Master Ball didn't exactly make for an epic battle. Primal Dialga is one of my favourite villains in the entire series. His power and rage was absolutely terrifying; that Darkrai had some guts, I'll give him that. His battle theme is incredibly cool yet fittingly sad at the same time. Roar of Time is a tad overpowered, but it did make him a much more difficult boss than Shadow Lugia
I picked both cuz
- Primal Dialga killed me loads of times when I played Explorers of Sky.
- I like Shadow Lugia's design
Primal Dialga was definitely the harder battle. You didn't have a full team of six to back you up (only up to four, and more likely just your main two with no backup), you couldn't afford any KOs (Reviver Seeds notwithstanding), and Primal Dialga's version of Roar of Time hit your entire party, not just a single target.
Primal Dialga had the best music theme in the entire Pokemon Game Universe!
Shadow Lugia Theme > Primal Dialga Theme
Pfffft, but Shadow Lugia wasn't the final boss though. Primal Dialga's theme was heavy on the Time Gear leitmotif, and also slightly melancholy to reflect the tragic knowledge of what happens after you save the world.


Really, PMD saved the game's absolutely best song for the final boss.
Not unlike Okami did ... (music / spoilers)
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And shadow lugia was too easy, I find temporal tower far more annoying, Because Im riolu on my game, I took the challenge of no reviver seeds, And I finished the game in 2 tries, Dont judge me though, Because Ive never played XDgale of darkness. But dialga and zekrom both tie as my favorite trio members. In diamond and pearl and explorers of sky, He has some boss-like themes, So because of dialga's deadliness, Theme, and design I like him alot more.
Shadow Lugia mainly cause I like Lugia a bit more in general; that and I'm not a fan of Primal Dialga's color scheme. That said I haven't played either side game in full (I got super bored from them very early on), so I can't say which one is harder and stronger.
Who is the most powerful according to what we see in games and anime?
Well, to be completely honest, neither has a lot of onscreen feats: Primal Dialga did show the ability to control time (albeit not to the extent that it can freely do whatever it wants, since otherwise the protagonists would've stood no chance against it) while Shadow Lugia showed telekinetic abilities powerful enough to lift and carry an entire cargo ship, but that's pretty much it, as neither character has ever had a proper animated appearance. That said, Shadow Lugia does have one notable advantage over Primal Dialga in that it's always guaranteed to deal super effective damage on virtually everything due to how Shadow Pokemon matchups work in XD.

Who was harder to beat?
Primal Dialga. Shadow Lugia can just be cheesed with the Master Ball, and even if you don't use it for whatever reason, you still got a whole team of six Pokemon to gang up on Lugia.

Who had the best theme?
For me Shadow Lugia's.

When purified or recruited, did you give it a nickname after the pokemon is back to normal?
Not usually, as I tend to not nickname my Legendaries.

How often did you use this pokemon
I rarely use Legendaries, but I did use Lugia more simply because it's my favorite.
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