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BDSP First Impressions Thread

Just got Brilliant Diamond a few days ago (managed to get it for $30 on Ebay in Like New condition, I most certainly did NOT pay the full $60 for it).

Anyway, it is basically just DP all over again, but it's slightly better than I expected. For one, the chibi graphics look better on my TV than they do on my laptop, so I'm less bothered by them. I still would've preferred realistically proportioned characters like the other Switch games and like this game looks in battle, but the chibi graphics aren't as much of a negative as I thought. Also wow, you can get pretty much anything in the Grand Underground from the get go and it almost feels unfair. I had my entire team set from the 2nd gym (I had Monferno, Luxio, and Buizel when I got to Eterna then managed to get Togepi, Skorupi, and Rhyhorn in the Grand Underground). Definitely has the feel of Wild Area-lite. So yeah, it's definitely got issues, but it's slightly better than I thought. All in all, it feels pretty mid.
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