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Beachside Rivalry Story Event returns to Pokémon Masters EX alongside Seasonal Scouts

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Pokémon Masters EX - Story Event: Beachside Rivalry
It's time for fun in the sun this month in Pokémon Masters EX with the return of the Beachside Rivalry Story Event. Seasonal Gloria and Marnie and their Pokémon pals also return for a limited time in Seasonal Spotlight, Tiered, and Ticket Scouts. The Champion Stadium has also rotated around to the Alola Challenge.

Beachside Rivalry Event re-run
This event, which originally ran from July 15th to July 31st, 2021, features Gloria and Marnie as they follow their passion to create their own competing Beach Side Eateries in Pasio. The event is available in-game now, and will be running until July 17th, at 10:59pm (PT). By completing battles during this event, players can earn Fizzy Ice Pop and Tropical Juice items, which can be exchanged for a variety of valuable items, including 5★-Guaranteed Scout Tickets, and 4★ Support Move Candy. Players can also obtain Event Medals, Move Candy Coins, and Gems for completing special missions during the event. All rewards can be claimed even if players have previously completed the event during its original run.

As usual for events of this type, players will have an increased chance of receiving bonus rewards if they take on event battles using teams that feature specific sync pairs. The more of these sync pairs that players place in their lineup, the greater the bonus received. The applicable Sync Pairs and reward rates are as follows:
These bonuses stack additively, so having a team consisting of Gloria (Summer 2021) & Inteleon, Marnie (Summer 2021) & Grimmsnarl, and Steven (Summer 2020) & Alolan Sandslash would grant a combined +160% (x2.6) rewards.

Players should also note the following when playing this event:
  • The number of plays available for Daily Extreme Battle 1 are reset every day at 11:00pm (PT).
  • To participate, players must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player.
  • The sync pairs that appear as opponents in battle have different capabilities than those players can actually obtain.
  • All mission completion rewards must be claimed within three days of the mission period ending.
  • Leftover Fizzy Ice Pop and Tropical Juice items will be automatically converted to coins at a rate of 10 coins per item at the end of the event, and sent to players' Present Boxes
Seasonal Scouts

The Super Spotlight Seasonal Scout, Seasonal Tiered Scout, and Seasonal Featured Ticket Scout offer players an opportunity to scout the featured sync pairs from the Beachside Rivalry event, along with other past Summer Seasonal sync pairs.
More information about each of these sync pairs can be found via the Bulbapedia links above.

The Super Spotlight Seasonal Scout includes a daily discount, where players can perform a single scout for x100 paid gems. This daily discount can be used up to 3 times per day during the entire length of the scout.

The Seasonal Tiered Scout has five tiers, each of which is a Sync Pair Scout ×11. Players are able to scout once on each tier by using Paid Gems, with the amount of gems increasing with each tier. Additionally, Tiers 2 through 5 grant the player additional in-game rewards.
  • Tier 1: 1,000 Paid Gems
  • Tier 2: 1,500 Paid Gems - 5★ Power-Ups ×3
  • Tier 3: 2,000 Paid Gems - 5★ Great Ticket W, which can be used in the Seasonal Featured Ticket Scout.
  • Tier 4: 2,500 Paid Gems - 5★ Power-Ups ×7
  • Tier 5: 3,000 Paid Gems - Player's choice of 5★ Sync Pairs from those included in the scout
The Super Spotlight Seasonal Scout and Seasonal Tiered Scout will both run until July 17th at 10:59pm (PT). The associated Ticket Scout meanwhile runs through to July 24th, at 10:59pm (PT). Tickets must be used prior to this scout ending.

Champion Stadium: Alola Challenge
Champion Stadium will be rotating around to Alola until July 31st, at 10:59pm (PT), giving players the opportunity to challenge Alolan Elite 4 members Hala, Molayne, Olivia, Acerola, and Hahili, as well as Champion-challengers Professor Kukui and Hau. The exact roster of opposents will change weekly, offering players the chance to play against both Sun & Moon, and Ultra Sun & Moon lineups.

Successful trainers will gain access to Master Mode, which allows players to face more challenging battles against the Elite 4, an in-game badge that signifies their accomplishment, and other special reward items including Champion Spirit, which can be used to raise sync pairs up to 6★ EX.

To participate in the Champion Stadium, players must have completed Main Story Chapter 10: A Reason to Battle (Normal) in single-player.


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