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Best gym battles


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Jan 12, 2013
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Which are your favourite gym battles from the anime? I particularly enjoyed the ones against Clair (despite the annoying Team Rocket interference) and Fantina, because of Ash's use of the 'counter shield'. Include battles with frontier brains if you wish.
Kanto: Ash vs. Blaine
OI: Ash vs. Drake
Johto: Ash vs. Clair
Hoenn: Ash vs. Winnona
Sinnoh: Ash vs. Maylene
Unova: Ash vs. Byrcen
Here's my list.

Kanto: All
OI: Ash VS Drake
Johto: Ash VS Clair
Hoenn: Ash VS Norman/Winona/Tate & Liza (I think that;s their names.)
Kanto BF: All
Sinnoh: Ash VS Maylene/Fantina/Snowpoint City Gym Leader/Volkner
Unova: Ash VS Brycen
Kalos: Ash VS Grant
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