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Beta Things/Errors in the Game-booklets?

So... would that mean when you battle a Rocket, it would be "The ROCKET wants to battle!"? I don't know about you, but I don't fancy my chances battling a rocket. Flamey boosters and all that.

Great find at any rate, Takoto. Those silly game makers, no grasp on grammar. 8D

I think... with some Team Rocket members were just called "Grunt"s, so it would have said "the GRUNT wants to battle", although it might have called them something else, I can't remember, I haven't played R/B/Y in ages. xD

I'm fairly certain that is not the case, but it's not like I'll bust out my old school GB/Pokémon Blue to see if it's the case.

No, I do believe it was, but they changed it in Gen 2. Can't remember if it was a glitch or meant to be like that, though.
Technically, it was the third party, but this one prima strategy guide for R/B had several errors such as type names, and move rosters.
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