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Bidoof Day event to take place in Pokémon GO on July 1st

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The Bidoof Breakout event currently occurring in Pokémon GO, updates with new elements that will extend to July 1, 2021, a newly designated Bidoof Day. It will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. local time.

Features that are available throughout the Bidoof Breakout event will remain available on Bidoof Day. The Plump Mouse Pokémon will be appearing in the wild at an incredibly high rate. A 4× Catch XP bonus will be active. Bidoof caught on this day will know Superpower, and you'll be able to use a Charged TM during the event to teach Bidoof Ice Beam, Shadow Ball, or Thunderbolt. After the event, you can use an Elite Charged TM to teach Bidoof one of these moves.

Bidoof will be the only Pokémon you can challenge in one-star, three-star, and five-star Raid Battles. Mega Raids will not be available during this time. Team GO Rocket Grunts will have Shadow Bidoof on their teams more often. A free event-exclusive Special Research story will be available, giving Trainers an exclusive Bidoof Hat avatar item and other special rewards. This will be the first Special Research in which you'll make choices that'll affect the research's story and some parts of your event experience.

Lastly, the Bidoof Cup will be available in the GO Battle League throughout the day. Only Bidoof will be eligible in this cup, and teams of only Bidoof will be allowed. The Master League, the Master League Classic, and the Element Cup will still be available during this time.

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